Choosing The Right Microphone For Your Video Production

There are a variety of microphones you can use in your video production. The following guide will explore the three main types of microphone used. Depending on the content of your video, whether it’s a one to one interview, a big action sequence or live coverage, we recommend using the following microphones to help you steer your production in the right direction.

Boom Mic

Boom mics are essential to any film production. They are the most versatile mics since they allow subjects to move freely about in the shot with ease and they are perfect for large setups. However some subjects find their size distracting during filming and you will have to use some of your budget to employ someone to operate it.

Lav Mic

Lav mics are known for their small and discreet appearance. Their small size is useful on screen as they don’t obscure shots with any wires or shadows. They are most commonly used for one to one interviews, since they can be clipped onto clothes. However if the subjects are fidgety, the mics can be prone to noise from clothing or from slight movements. They can also be easily damaged and often get left on set due to their small size. To avoid constant replacement, look after them and make sure your subjects don’t walk off with them still attached.

Handheld Mic

Handheld mics are very easy to use and allow you to interview multiple people quickly and effectively. Due to this function handheld mics are great for live roaming reporting. Unfortunately handheld mics don’t provide as good audio quality as lavs or booms and their handheld nature means subjects can sometimes take control of the mic. But you shouldn’t have any problems if you are authoritative and keep your mic at the right distance.

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