How To Film Your Video Production In Rough Areas

Filming in areas of conflict, crime or poverty may be a challenge to you and your crew. The following guide will provide you with some key tips for filming your video production effectively in rough areas with minimal problems.

Learn About The Area

It’s always best to research the location of filming before you shoot, especially if you suspect it to be a rough neighbourhood. Before you turn up to film, research the area’s economic standing and its cultural, racial and ethnic makeup. If possible try to find out about the history of the location and catch up on any recent events.

By establishing your knowledge of the area, the territory will seem a lot less unfamiliar and that will really benefit your production. If you are struggling to find out information, don’t hesitate to contact members of the local community.

Get A Resident Escort For Your Crew

For any filming situation you will need clearance or even supervision to record in certain locations, especially in rough areas. Before filming, contact members of the local council, community or even police force in extreme cases, to organise escorts for your crew. Their cooperation will assist the production and make the filming process a lot more comfortable.

Keep Your Equipment Safe

To prevent getting robbed, keep your video production equipment as safe as possible. You may even be subjected to acts of violence if residents threaten to take your equipment so make sure nothing is left visible inside or outside your vehicle. Ensure a member of your crew is with the equipment at all times.

Shoot With Subtlety

The last thing you want to do in a crime ridden area is to draw attention to your film crew. To avoid any unwanted attention, try to find out when the safest times for shooting your production are and travel in an inconspicuous vehicle. If possible it may be best to use equipment that you can get out and put away quickly in case of an emergency.

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