Web Video Production – Top 4 Types of Web Video

Web video production covers a wide spectrum of types of video.

We have outlined the four main types:

1. Short Web Video Ads

Producing a short web video is ideal if you want to create a powerful video on a budget. It may be to introduce a new campaign, a new project or a presentation.

2. Web Video Testimonials

Genuine client video testimonials can enhance your promotional video. Using your existing customers to tell prospective customers how great you are is so much more effective that you telling them!

3. Talking Heads Web Videos

Talking heads videos can be used for promotional, training and introductory videos and can feature CEOs, employees and customers. Talking head web videos can add authenticity, and break the audio up too if you’re using a voice-over.

4. Presenter Web Videos

Using a presenter web video makes your website more personal, convincing and persuasive as well as adding authority. Having somebody speak to your customers when they visit your website can catch their attention and increase the time they spend on your site.

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