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It’s Videos of the Week time again here at Skeleton Productions HQ and this week we have some very interesting Internet videos to share with you, from Burger King pinching David Beckham and a genuinely epic Titanic video, to a not-so-subtle viral ad and one of the most heart-warming moments on the web.

How Titanic 3D Should Have Been

While the majority of online users were getting pretty sick of the Titanic hype, one gang of video lovers decided to make their own trailer for the 3D re-release.

Pistol Shrimps are rather notorious on YouTube for their cinematic tomfoolery and have already spoofed their way through the realms of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Twilight with great viral success. With their profile rising weekly it’s no wonder they took the opportunity to take on the world’s most infamous sea vessel.

With nearly 11 million views in just 5 days the Pistol Shrimp Titanic trailer has been one of their most successful spoofs to date, which comes as no surprise considering the gang poke fun at everything from renowned directors such as J.J. Abrams, Michael Bay, George Lucas and of course James Cameron to the 3D genre itself.

Considering the original Titanic 3D trailer only has just over 1 million views on YouTube, this video just goes to show the power of user generated content and the success that creating entertaining online video can bring.

It’s Time For Some Explosive Drama

Promoting a TV Channel can’t be the easiest marketing job in the world, especially when you consider the enormous mass of online and offline video available on other networks, channels and video sharing sites.

The guys at TNT in Belgium decided that to promote their channel they would not only take to web video, but to go for the holy grail of creating a viral video.

After just 24 hours TNT’s viral campaign received well over 3 million views, which is extremely impressive for a commercially focused viral.

So how did TNT “go viral”? Well, they simply went to a Belgian town and placed a red button in a quiet square for passersby to press should they wish to add some drama to their lives…

Nike+ Fuel Band Gets The UGC Treatment

Casey Neistat has created a number of videos for Nike’s video marketing campaigns, but for April 2012 he decided to throw his usual product advertising handbook straight out the window.

Casey and his friend Max decided to take the entire budget for Nike’s Make It Count video campaign and travel across the world until the budget ran out, which actually lasted them 10 days. The thought behind Casey’s daring move was that Nike’s campaign for their new Nike+ Fuel Band aims to “make life a sport” and the “make it count” philosophy didn’t appear to be something that Neistat thought could be contained within a generic product ad.

The result of this risky move is one of the best marketing videos a sports brand has ever produced, which is definitely going to have an impact on the approaches fellow sporting competitors go about their next promotional videos.

Nike Also Find Time To Set Love Free

Aside from spending thousands of pounds on a rather dicey promotional video Nike also kept things a little more traditional with an ad for their Nike Free Run+, Run Stronger campaign.

The video documents the charming and entertaining musical story of two long distance lovers who decide to run all the way to each other.

Now you are probably thinking that considering it’s a long distance relationship, running probably could take a while and might demand a great deal more stamina and strength then the power of love can provide, and you would be right. In fact the poor chap ends up in hospital, but luckily the girl is kitted out with a pair of Nike Free Run+ shoes, which makes her journey a lot easier.

We think this ad will go down very well with Nike’s female audience.

Burger King Steal David Beckham

It’s one thing for the Americans to pinch one of Britain’s most cherished footballers, but it’s another thing to make him the face of their new Burger King video campaign!

With all football envy aside this campaign is actually rather interesting. While this video is for an American audience, the very inclusion of Beckham gives the promotion a much broader audience without the brand having to do any extra leg work at all. We have to hand it to Burger King on this one, they have been pretty darn clever with this particular online ad.

Nintendo Show Us How To Make Viral Video

Nintendo want their web video for their 3DS to go viral and to create their viral video they have enlisted the help of comedian Joel McHale.

Ironically the video has only had over a quarter of a million views in 4 days, but that doesn’t stop it from being any less entertaining. The very inclusion of a TV personality gives the ad extra appeal, while having the aid of an established comedian on the project also gives the guys at Nintendo a valuable pool of humorous ideas to utilise in the video.

What we like about this viral campaign most of all is its brilliant use of YouTube Annotations that are not only perfectly branded, but exceedingly well placed calls to action.

iPad’s Love Stockholm

Capturing an event or a presentation on video and repurposing it on the web can be a good way of creating content and an even better way of sharing a remarkable moment with audiences who couldn’t be present at the time.

Presentations by the chaps at d1gits have been creating a fair amount of such remarkable content lately, but one particular iPad filled display in Stockholm has been seeing their act generate over 1.5 million views.

The act showcased the benefits of choosing Stockholm to start up your business for bureau Step2 Communications at the MIPIM trade show in Cannes ,through their “Plug ‘n’ Play” angle, which was met with critical acclaim.

This innovative presentation technique seems to work extremely well in person and just as good, if not better, when it is repurposed on the web. Documenting such creativity from trade shows, conferences and events really could be the next step for corporate video.

Google Keep On Pushing Google+

Over the past few months Google have been churning out loads of brilliant web videos and once more they are back to pushing and promoting Google+.

As we’ve come to expect from Google+ videos the the animated screen-grab style is back, with more of the same simplicity and smoothness that always makes G+ look like a viable and easy social media platform to use. Once again nearly 500,000 online users have watched this new video and wrestled with the idea of Google+ and it probably will generate more Sign Ups to the system, but will online users ever really take to it like Facebook or use it to the level Google would like us to?

One thing is for sure, Google isn’t letting Google+ slid out of the limelight and we are watching very carefully to see how Google will try to push G+ further as 2012 progresses.

Mountain Dew Do The Dew

We’ll put it out there, we’re not entirely sold on Mountain Dew’s “Do The Dew” slogan, but we are completely sold on their promotional video strategy.

For their latest online video the brand decided to quite literally hit someone in the face with the taste of Mountain Dew. Although instead of a bottle of Canada’s favourite beverage it was a giant wrecking ball of Dewy goodness!

This campaign just shows how a short and simple idea can deliver a genius web video.

Fabri Colour Have Changed Their Mood

Another brand taking a simple idea and creating short, sweet and successful video is Fabri Colour.

The company are marketing their new brand of clothing dyes using video and as such they have decided to do so by showing the different moods colours can convey.

In particular they are showcasing how those moods may physically manifest themselves after a boyfriend has killed a beloved family pet…

Old Man Listens To Music

Once a while a video comes along that warms your heart and fills you with joy. The following video is one of those videos.

A scientific study that looks at the animation properties music can bring to the elderly have stumbled across one particular case that truly captures the beauty of music and the genuine power of the project.


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