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It’s Videos of the Week time at Skeleton HQ and this week we’ve got everything from YouTube endorsed vitamins and disappointing gadgets, to toilet Tweeting celebs and a woman called Sue. So buckle-up and get ready for your weekly dose of the best viral videos on the web.

Fashion Goes Full Circle

Global retailers have been utilising online video to promote their latest product ranges over the past few years, and now it’s time for London/Melbourne based label Klezinski to have their go at it.

This short film showcases the handmade clothing and accessories Klezinski creates through one very dizzying video technique. The seamless 360 degree camera tilts that sculpt the video, take the viewer on a remarkable and innovative journey through the brands entire initial product line.

The video effectively reflects the creativity behind the Klezinski brand, and the use of this unique camera style helps to position the label as a real thought leader in their field.

Meet Sue

This is Sue Paraskeva and she makes exquisite porcelain. We know she is Sue Paraskeva and we know she makes fine pieces of porcelain thanks to the beauty of web video. As a result of Sue’s video, not only do we know who she is and what she does, but we can also go straight to her website for more information about her and what she does.

What’s fantastic about this video is that it’s the brilliant basics of web video done perfectly. Sue has commissioned an elegant and enjoyable video, showcasing who she is and what she does. As a result of her approach to video she has received over 27,000 views, 32 comments and nearly 900 likes on her Vimeo video.

This video is an exceptional example of how a simple web video can be used to bring anyone’s business and craft into the online limelight.

Now This Is A Bike Shop

When any business has a unique selling point it should always be shouted about, especially on the Internet. Take the 718 Cyclery for example, a bike shop in New York who pride themselves on custom building their bicycles with their customers, and even getting the customer involved in the construction process.

718 talk through every aspect of a bicycle with their customer to find exactly what the customer needs from their bike. From here they will create a collaborative online blueprint of the bike for the customer to feedback on and suggest changes. Then once the design, specifications and parts have been confirmed the shop will order everything to the store. This is where the real difference between 718 and other bike shops appears; 718 will organise a time with the customer and build the bike right there with them and even encourage them to be a part of building it.

This brilliant video captures the true essence of 718, while giving potential customers an insight to the history of the store and what they can expect from popping by to purchase a bike. Judging by the views and feedback the video has received, it really has been a success, and it could well change the way most mainstream bike shops go about their day to day business.

YouTube Stars Need Vitamins Too

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a lot of celebrities turning up in online videos to boost views and spread brand awareness. This week it seems that even YouTube celebrities are getting in on the action too.

Vitamin Water have roped in some of YouTube’s favourite stars from the likes of the “Sexy Sax Man”, and “Nyan Cat” to some of the sharing sites best “plankers” and even an Antelope to market their “grab it by the horns” video campaign.

Does it work? Well the views for this YouTube-fest are surprisingly low, only just hitting the 150,000 mark. Are viral stars only as fresh as the viral videos they come from? Or could this just be the start of ads incorporating such popular online video celebs? Let us know your thoughts in the “Comments” section below.

Is The New iPad Really Any Different?

When brands launch new products, they must be excited. After months or even years of hard work it must be a joyous moment to see consumers dashing out to pick it up. Although, consumers might struggle to pick up Apple’s new iPad because they can’t even tell which iPad is the new one…

The chaps at The Next Web created a short video, involving the general public to see if they could tell the difference between the iPad2 and iPad 3 just by looking at them. Considering the amount of money, technology and effort that has gone in to making the iPad3, Apple must be pretty disappointed at the results, and more importantly the comments this test has generated.

Should Apple go back to the virtual drawing board?

Cut The Rope

Have you played Cut The Rope yet? It’s a highly addictive game that has launched in partnership with Internet Explorer 9. The game is by no means up there with Angry Birds, but it is gaining an awful lot of membership lately, which has sparked a new Internet video campaign to push the game further afield.

Not only is the video a vibrant, alluring animation, but it also provides some nice context to the game. The video also showcases exciting new levels and bonuses that users can enjoy throughout their game-play.

The promotion for Cut The Rope has been building worldwide with publicity stunts in London in the UK and San Francisco in the States, which will all accompany and compliment the marketing of their current video campaign nicely.

Flash Mobs Are Back

A few years back Flash Mobs were all the rage in the viral market, but since then they seem to have dropped off the map completely. With that being said, Flash Mob videos from just a couple of years ago are still being viewed frequently today, which just goes to show that despite there being a lack of new Flash Mobs, the strategy is certainly blessed with promotional longevity.

Luckily, St Patricks Day brought about a Flash Mob revival through the use of a busy Central Station in Sydney and Riverdance. As you might imagine this faux-spontaneous display of Irish cheer generated millions of views, spread a great deal of awareness for Tourism Ireland and put a lot of smiles on a lot of unsuspecting faces.

Flash Mobs may only come around once in a while, but when they do they are as popular as they’ve ever been online.

Puma Go Social

Are you constantly sat looking at your TV watching other people live their lives or are you out living yours? This is the hard hitting question Puma are asking to their younger audience members with their new “better out than in” Internet video campaign.

The video cleverly juxtaposes channel-hopping audio over visuals of young people out enjoying life. The Puma campaign looks to get young people outside, embracing life and above all, being social. It’s certainly a clever marketing video strategy, and the results will definitely be worth keeping an eye on.

The Road We’ve Travelled

Quite frankly if the President of the United States is embracing online video then so should everyone. What’s interesting about Obama’s decision to put his promotional videos online is that he and his team have decided that TV just isn’t as powerful as it used to be. Therefore team Obama are looking to the web to generate the majority of support for his re-election.

The Road We’ve Travelled is the sort of web video affair you might expect from a team looking to stay in office. The video looks back at the triumphs of Obama’s presidency and even has the assuring voiceover of Tom Hanks to accompany the motivational on-screen images.

Despite the predictability of the video content, it’s Obama’s choice to use online video for his presidential campaign that is most interesting. Will this be the future of all presidential and political campaigns? Will it even be successful? Only time will tell.

When Photographs Meet Video

This video technique is not new, and the creators have got their fair share of stick as a result. However, what this video does show is that photos and videos aren’t two separate forms of media, they can actually be extremely powerful when used in tandem.

This sort of collaboration between different forms of media can be brilliantly creative and ultimately successful as an online video strategy. What is also interesting is that old video tricks can still be as impressive today as they ever were.

In this video Ben and Steven have taken a successful technique, taken it one step further, slapped on a new coat of paint and created a successful online video. Sure they’ve got some negative comments, but when a video is filled with as much fun and creativity as this it’s hard to knock it.

The Browser You Loved To Hate

Before we get into Internet Explorer 9’s new marketing video campaign, it’s worth mentioning something. While the video does a great job at playing off its negative press, when a browser takes 9 incarnations to finally be of the same quality as its competitors, it’s not exactly a total “win” for the Microsoft team.

Although it’s easy to turn your nose up at Internet Explorer’s chequered past, you have got to hand it to them for putting their hands up, lodging their tongue firmly between their cheek, and creating a very impressive web video.

The video hits all the popular videos boxes; slapstick comedy, cute cats, bizarre behaviour and of course online content that appeals to a global market. In terms of creating a great marketing video campaign it’s a sure success, we just wish Internet Explorer had got their browser to the standard it is now a lot sooner.

Skittles Get Touchy

Last year Skittles created an array of web videos that encourages online users to “touch the rainbow” and interact with their video content with their index fingers, and this year the campaign is back.

Once again the Skittles team have created a variety of elaborate and creative ways for users to involve their index fingers within their promotional Internet videos. In Skittle’s latest videos you can have your fingers injected with Skittle serum, get a kiss off a Skittles princess and poke a werewolf baby.

The campaign is just as zany as last year and we’re sure the results will be equally as successful.

Jimmy Kimmel Does It Again

The words “viral video” and “Jimmy Kimmel” seem to be inseparable lately and for good reason. Jimmy Kimmel and his team have been behind some of the biggest viral sensations of 2011 and 2012 and his most recent video is just more viral icing on their gigantic web video cake.

His recent video celebrates Twitter’s sixth birthday and consists of famous celebrities and renowned comedians sharing some of their favourite Tweets from their “charming” Followers.

Is the content good? Yes. Is the content hilarious? Yes. Is it going to be another viral hit? Of course.

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