Corporate video production

Results-driven corporate video that's compelling, creative, and tailored to your goals.

Corporate video production is a key tool in every communications toolbox, whether you want to raise awareness, communicate complex messages or change behaviours. But without a proper plan that reflects your audience and business goals, video content can be costly and get pretty poor results. To achieve your goals you need videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act.

What makes us different

We see video differently. We're not like other video agencies. We don't believe in making creative videos just for the sake of it. We know that effectiveness is just as important.

Our unique approach is a mixture of best practice insights and audience psychology, to create the most engaging and results-driven corporate videos possible. Creativity is a given: we compel your audience to act.

What we do

Video production is only one part of a successful video project. We start the process with a solid video strategy to identify the messages and approaches that will ensure your video exceeds your objectives.

Once production is over (that means planning, shooting and editing, plus a lot of behind-the-scenes organisation to ensure everything runs smoothly), we move onto distributing your video content. We use the right channels and strategies so that your video reaches your target audience, and we continuously test and optimise for the best results possible.

Skeleton have become an extended part of our team. Time and time again we can call on them to deliver relevant films that engage our people.
Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications, Experian

Take a look at some examples

We can help you produce a wide range of corporate videos, including:

  • animations
  • event videos
  • foreign langauage videos
  • promotional videos
  • testimonial videos
  • training videos

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