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Online video is thriving. In fact, video is projected to make up over 90% of all online content in the next decade.

And with a new generation of YouTube and Vine celebrities leading the way, businesses are doing their best to keep up and adapt to the shift in viewers’ expectations.

The importance of corporate video production can’t be underestimated: businesses need to make engaging brand videos to stay competitive. Video has moved from a desirable extra to an essential part of the marketing mix.

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Different types of corporate video to get the content ideas flowing.

There’s no point producing predictable corporate video content for the sake of it. There are loads of different types of video, and each one can be used to target and engage a specific group of customers.

Company culture and recruitment videos

If your goal is to hire more of the right people, videos are the perfect way to show your ideal employee how great it is to work for you. Treat potential team members to a behind-the-scenes look at your corporate culture, so they can see exactly what it’s like to work with you and start to imagine how they’d fit in. Interview your happiest people about the best things about working for your company and share their own interests and challenges. It makes your company feel real and approachable.

Company profile videos

This is one of the more common types of corporate video, created to tell your target market who you are and what you can offer them. They’re great on your homepage, or played on loop in your office reception area. Tell your target audience about your company’s history, values, and successful case studies. Most importantly, tell them how you have exactly what they need.

Event videos

Videos of your conferences and seminars can work really well. They’re unscripted, which means audiences find them more trustworthy than a well-written promo. And while you’re not actually marketing a particular product or service, you are giving audiences an in-depth snapshot of your company and culture. The trick is to be subtle – to show, rather than tell. Sometimes, actions and imagery both speak louder than (carefully scripted) words.

Maybe you’ve got a new product coming out - host a video conference to show how it works. Learned something new at a seminar? Create a video webinar where you can share your new-found knowledge with others in your industry. Record the discussion and edit it into a brief video. You can use it to send to people who couldn’t make it, or use it to market your next event.

Opinion interviews videos

There are loads of possibilities here. You could interview your business lead on their vision for a new project, show potential employees what day-to-day life is like in your company, or host a webinar that interviews industry experts.

Interviews work well because they’re genuine, spontaneous and believable. They force the person you’re interviewing to dig deep and really think about their responses. This gives you the kind of genuine dialogue that audiences respond to so well.

Video presentations

Don’t limit presentations to the boardroom. A well-prepared presentation by a charismatic speaker is a really powerful thing – just look at the success of TED talks. TED could have just interviewed all its speakers and uploaded the videos to YouTube. Instead, it gave them the floor, with a real live audience. It’s a clever technique – when we see the audience listening and engaging, it makes us feel more engaged too. 

Customer videos

If you want to connect with your target market, do it directly, with a video that showcases one particular client, or shows the role your product or service played in your client’s latest triumph. This is a much better option than a straightforward video testimonial reel, making it much more personal.Use our insights and resources.

Corporate social responsibility videos

Consumers' receptiveness to socially responsible company's is growing. Video can show why your company considers CSR important and the various things you do to help. Capturing the inspiring work of your colleagues in the communities or how you're supporting inititives, bring to life the human side of business,



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