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People are very fickle when it comes to promotional videos – some we love, others we loathe.

The difference? It’s all about whether or not we’ve chosen to watch.

If we’ve settled down with our favourite TV show, we hate the adverts that interrupt the good stuff. If we’ve chosen to watch a video online and are forced to sit through a pre-roll ad first, it’s highly irritating. But if a video gives us enough reasons to want to watch in the first place, it’s a different story.

Successful promotional video doesn't interrupt people with boring messages they don’t want to hear. Instead, it attracts people by offering high-quality content that will pique their interest and give them a few minutes of entertainment. Produce something good, and people will not only seek it out, but also share and discuss them with people in their networks.

It means that when you’re involved in promotional video production, you have to be very mindful of what your audience wants, and what they don’t.  

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So, what’s the best way to deliver your messages in a format your audience will enjoy?

It depends on your product or service, this industry you’re working in and what your potential customers are interested in. To get the ideas flowing, here are four basic types of promotional video.

Explainer videos

This type of video is ideal for giving people at the top of the marketing funnel a first introduction to your business. They’re usually found on homepages and simply explain what you do and how it helps people – a bit like an elevator pitch. You can also use them to answer common search queries, giving your content an extra SEO boost. We recommend keeping them under two minutes and not cramming in too many messages – up to three key points is ideal. 

Interview videos

Interviews are an effective way of getting information across without shoving it down your viewer’s throat. You’ll get some great content by asking open-ended questions that play into the interests and concerns of your audience. Create a bit of variety by speaking to a range of different people, from industry experts and members of your team to happy customers.


With animation, the possibilities are endless. You don’t need to find a presenter, actors or a studio and you’ve got the freedom to be as creative as you like. There’s the opportunity to use strong branding through the use of a unique character or visual elements. The format lends itself perfectly to humour and storytelling, both of which help engage viewers. And the simplicity of animation makes it very good at explaining complex concepts that your audience might otherwise have trouble visualising.

Culture videos

This is all about the people in your business. It connects with your audience by breaking away from corporate stereotypes and showing you for the nice, hardworking, relatable bunch of people you are. As long as you make it authentic, and don’t try to fake a culture that simply doesn’t exist, it will go a long way to helping your brand feel warmer and more approachable. It will help potential customers (and employees) feel like they know you a lot better. 


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