We see video differently

Creativity is a given. We compel your audience to act.

Video strategy, production and marketing

We believe video should deliver results. Our unique approach combines creativity with video best practice and audience psychology, to make videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act.

Increase ROI

We use audience insight to work out how to tell a story that will connect emotionally and drive meaningful actions.

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High quality

Our expert team use best practice approaches, equipment and technology to deliver only high quality video production.

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We're always trying to make your life easier, by communicating throughout, improving processes and sharing ideas and knowledge to help you grow.

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  • For your customer

    Maybe you want to raise awareness of a product, service or brand. Maybe you’ve got an important message to get across and you need to change people’s perceptions or influence behaviour. Maybe you want to show how something works and give people the final push they need to buy.

    Whatever your objectives, video is an effective way to cut through the noise, get people’s attention and hit the message home. We use human psychology and proven best-practice approaches to make videos that connect with your customers. And – more importantly – compel them to click, share or add to basket.

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  • For your colleagues

    There are lots of reasons why internal communications often fall flat. Work is a busy and demanding environment, with lots of messages competing for attention. Attempts at communicating on a company-wide scale often feel irrelevant to individuals with more pressing issues to contend with. And so on.

    Done right, videos can quickly command attention and connect on a deeper level than other channels – video is an engaging, emotive experience that makes important messages instantly accessible. We use strategy and insight to involve and inspire your team and help you steer your company culture or performance in the direction you want.

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A few of our great clients


"Skeleton have become an extended part of our team. Time and time again we can call on them to deliver relevant videos that engage our people."

Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications

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"Great service, quick turnaround and professional input"

Rachael Turner, Assistant Manager Colleague Engagement

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Travis Perkins

"The video has surpassed all our expectations and gone down really well with our customers."

Ben Maiden, Senior Creative

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Ideas and insights

Guides and tools


Useful templates, checklists and guides to help you meet your goals with video.

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Video production


Ever wondered what goes into the video production process? Discover how we make great video, and how you can too.

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Video marketing


Inspiring examples, actionable advice, and trends to watch. Everything you need to know about effective video marketing in one place.

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Video strategy

What should you think about when planning your video content? We guide you through ROI, metrics and more.


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Video Worth Sharing

Our round-ups of the best videos to laugh at and learn from. And what makes them work so well.


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Success stories

Discover our previous video projects for clients like Experian and Boots, and gather fresh inspiration for your own.


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