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We're a creative video production agency that helps businesses & brands do remarkable things with video. We create compelling content that captivates audiences, inspires action and drives results.


Why Skeleton?

3 Reasons to Choose Us

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Rise above the clutter with remarkable video content that engages your target audience, inspires action and makes an impact.



Content creation is just the beginning at Skeleton. We maximise your video content's reach throughout the buyer's journey with social edits, optimisation techniques and paid promotion.



With over 15 years of experience creating remarkable vidoes for world-class brands, our process is simple, smooth and straightforward from day one. No worries.

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Our History

Skeleton is the brainchild of Jonathan English and James Bryant two brand obsessed, video enthusiasts who met at the University of Nottingham and launched their own agency back in 2004 – just one year before YouTube launched. Coincidence? Most decidedly not! Jonathan and James foresaw the huge potential video offered to brands and set out to create an agency that uniquely combines strategy with creativity delivering incredible ROI for their clients. From humble beginnings, Skeleton now works across five continents and boasts a portfolio of leading, brave, playful brands who are eager to leave average behind and embrace the remarkable. Welcome to Skeleton.


Values we live by as an agency

Supporting our vision
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Values we live by as an agency

Shaping our culture

Our Values are absolutely key to shaping our culture and supporting our vision. They’re our DNA and sit at the heart of who we are and what we do. Our Values help us make all the important decisions.

Be Courageous
We back brave and bold ideas. We push boundaries and take risks learning from experimenting.

Be Driven
Determined to do it and do it well; ambitious and hard-working; relentlessly compelled to achieve remarkable things.

Be Nimble
Quick to find the best solutions, make decisions and take action. We have an innovative ‘what if’ mind set and are alert and open-minded to possibilities for improvement.

Be Curious
Always eager to learn new things, finding opportunities to tread new ground and gain new skills and experiences. We seek mastery as individuals and as a team.

Be Caring
We care for our customers, agency, colleagues, suppliers, community and ourselves. We believe that everybody matters, deserves respect, attention, encouragement, gratitude and support.

Meet the team

Jonathan English - Photo
Jonathan English

Managing Director

James Bryant - Photo
James Bryant

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Laura Cohen - Photo
Laura Cohen

Account Director

Andy Young - Photo
Andy Young

Account Director

Matthew Richings - Photo
Matthew Richings

2D Motion Designer/Animator

Ollie Bradbury - Photo
Ollie Bradbury

Lead 3D Motion Designer

Lucy Witts - Photo
Lucy Witts


Merrin Jensen - Photo
Merrin Jensen

Operations Manager

Emily Grant - Photo
Emily Grant

Motion Designer

Nicole Driver - Photo
Nicole Driver

Studio Assistant

Ryan Moore - Photo
Ryan Moore



Great clients

From the intricacies of European freight to the ins and outs of UK banking, our clients are all doing interesting, bold work around the world. And we get to be a part of it.

Great team

Join a team of experts with tons of experience working with global brands. We make each other think (and laugh), enjoy hanging out together, and always have a social event in the diary.

Great careers

It's pretty simple. If you’re bright, ambitious and make a decent cuppa, you're going to fit in here and see your career take off.

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