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Express and explain your core messages clearly with animated video production.

You've got a message to get across to your audience. And you need to do it quickly and simply.

Animation gives you a freedom unlike any other type of video. You can use it to express your brand in a stylised way or to communicate a complicated idea through visuals. And all via a medium that's compelling, exciting and powerful.

We create animation for businesses & brands big and small:

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Our time-tested process for effective animation

It all starts with what you want to achieve. That's why we work in collaborative partnerships rather than settling for just being a supplier. We take the time to understand you, your goals, and your target audience.

We craft your creative concept based on who you're trying to reach, what you need to tell them, and what you want them to do as a result. So your animation is tailored from start to finish to your brand and audience.


Nabeena Mali
"The team at Skeleton went beyond my expectations. The attention to detail was amazing. It definitely helped having a creative force outside my own head to help navigate the story. We always refer to the video when people ask for promotional information about our site or what we do  it's a really valuable resource to have." Nabeena Mali , Marketing Manager , App Institute


See how we used animation to help Boots celebrate training 70,000 employees

Examples of our animated videos

Whether you want to explain your service or bring together your team, we’re experts at using animation to get across your message in a compelling way. Get inspired by our latest animated work below.