Boots Case Study: Inspiring Teams & Customers | Skeleton

From reducing waste at work to boosting sales on Valentine’s Day

We’re proud to be the only official video partner for one of the biggest names on the UK high street, Boots. Since 2014 we’ve worked on a huge range of projects for the retailer’s internal communications, PR, laboratories and No7 teams.

Like many great relationships, this one had an unlikely beginning. Skeleton first made contact with Boots when our partner James Bryant spied an opportunity for some impromptu networking, mid salsa class. His efforts paid off. Teams within Boots were finding the services of their former in-house video agency too expensive and were keen to find high-quality video content within their strict budgets. After successfully completing two projects we were added to their official supplier list. It was like winning a golden ticket.

Our first video was created to showcase the performance of Boots’ own health and beauty brands at an event hosted by Boots International. Then followed a promotional video for No7 skincare and cosmetics in Asian markets, and a brand-positioning piece for Boots Laboratories.

A consumer-facing campaign for the PR team saw us interviewing customers in store and probing the link between romance and fragrance. In the run up to Valentine’s Day, four videos were released on Boots’ Facebook page, where they stirred up plenty of nostalgia among the brand’s 700,000 followers. The campaign achieved unprecedented levels of engagement, with over 24,000 views and 1,000 comments.

Great service, quick turnaround and professional input. The team really understand our business and can turn our ideas into engaging creative content that fits with our brand and project objectives. Skeleton are a pleasure to work with and I regularly recommend them to others."
Rachel Turner, Assistant Manager Colleague Engagement

Changing company-wide behaviours

The majority of projects have been for the internal communications team, who face the tough challenge of quickly communicating important messages to a diverse range of people, across all business functions. We produced two infographic videos aiming to reduce the amount of waste in the business, bringing statistics to life and putting them in context. Both had a huge impact on behaviour and spend.

The more we’ve worked with the teams at Boots, the easier the process has become and the better the output. With our healthy track record, extensive knowledge of their company and culture and approved-supplier status, we’re trusted to rely on our own judgment and deliver quality content within some very tight timeframes.