CDW, K-Mart, Hermes

Week three of the 12 videos of Christmas is upon us. We are searching the internet high and low for the best commercial Christmas content and we think we nailed it this week.


CDW | CDW Helps Santa Optimize His IT

CDW may have made the best Christmas ad for you business folks who are far too familiar with the sixteen hour work-day. It plays on how Santa’s workshop would be a logistical nightmare and when companies are over their head they can use a little professional help. CDW’s approach to promoting their IT and business management services is hilarious and will keep you in the festive spirit.

K-Mart | Ship My Trousers

Kmart released their “Ship my Pants” campaign last summer and we all thought it was cheeky and hilarious. They kept the same premise and most of the same cast for their Christmas version. It has been reimagined with a Dickensian twist. “Ship my Trousers” is a thoroughly childish way of promoting their online shopping platform, but it certainly has people talking.

Hermes | A Little Holiday Magic

This Hermes ad mixes traditional Christmas claymation with some beautiful and innovative 2D compositing. The story is sweet and simple and makes us remember what Christmas is all about, £300 scarves. Just kidding, but this ad’s stunning aesthetic is what made it stand out to us and we think a massive kudos needs to go out to the production team who assembled it.

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