Burger King, Skype and McDonalds

Why not take a break to enjoy some ads that deserve a little extra attention? This week’s Video Worth Sharing features ads from Burger King, Skype, and McDonald’s. We hope you enjoy!


Burger King | Proud Burger

Although we stumbled across this ad a little late, that doesn’t mean it isn't lovely.We love that Pride Week is becoming like Christmas, a seasonal excuse for companies to make exceptional progressive content. This simple idea was shot in a way that includes a full spectrum of opinions and reactions resulting in quite an impactful and sweet video.


Skype | Translator

Skype once again proves how small the world can actually be. They have developed a built-in translator so people can chat, no matter what language they speak. This video shows children across the world using this feature because, let’s face it, kids can sell anything.

McDonald's | Arch Enemies

McDonald's has finally jumped on the animation bandwagon. This short and sweet video shows classic enemies uniting over their mutual love for McDonald's. Although the ad is only one minute it is jammed packed with wholesome, familiar imagery that subtly reinforces those particular ideals to the consumer.


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