Ikea, Toronto Humane Society and Canal+

Why not take a load off and watch this week's selection of videos, brought to you by Ikea, Toronto Humane Society and Canal+.


Ikea | The Joy of Storage

Following on the success of the ‘Book Book’ IKEA have returned in the new year with a video focusing on the joy for the everyday. Mimicking a nature documentary, the video follows a flock of T-shirts on their quest to find a home. With stunning imagery and a simple storyline, the video makes for easy and enjoyable viewing.

Toronto Humane Society | Puppy Swap

You could be forgiven for finding yourself convinced by this advertisement. In a world of consumption and instant gratification there may well be people out there to whom the service even appeals. The change of pace between the sleek nature and attention to detail of the PuppySwap service and the Humane Society’s message makes a poignant enough statement on its own.

Canal+ | The Bear

‘I love everything about cinema...’ This is how things happen on a film set; this is how much time and effort goes into making incredible content. This hilarious and beautiful video documents the work of a committed film director as he takes us through everything he loves about every step of the filmmaking process. Oh, and he is a bear.


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