Virgin Active, Weetabix, Samsung

Happy New Year!  Many people consider the beginning of a new year as the time to improve themselves. That's why this week we've selected inspirational videos from Virgin Active, Weetabix, and Samsung.


Virgin Active | Don't Just Live, Live Happily Ever Active

There are health clubs and then there is Virgin Active. Most gyms advertise themselves by filming happy and tanned models having a blast on the stairmaster, but Virgin Active’s ad is quite out of the box. Drawing on elements of nature, they manage to convince the viewer that humans are fundamentally meant to be active. It is really hard not to get pumped up after watching this video.

Weetabix | Weetabuddies

We could all stand to eat a little healthier, right? Weetabix launched a series of comical videos that make us laugh and reassess if we are starting our day off well enough. Every silly scenario is followed by a call to action that encourages the viewer, mainly children and families, to create their own Weetabuddies and have a bit more fun with what is no longer their grandfather’s cereal.

Samsung | Look At Me

Samsung developed an app that helps people with autism become more comfortable making eye contact, recognizing facial expressions, and integrating these practices into their daily lives. It is a really remarkable app but it is also an impressive video that is very simple but beautiful. If done incorrectly this ad could be a forgettable voice over with a couple of talking head interviews, but the pacing is what makes it so poignant and intimate.


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