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21 April 2019 Video learning

3 Of The Best Animated Explainer Video Companies

Experts in explainer video production, the team here at Skeleton have collected 3 of the animated explainer video companies we believe are industry leaders

Distinguishing between the best animated explainer video companies can be difficult, particularly if you are new to the industry and this type of content creation. There are simply too many agencies to review and so many factors to consider.

As experts in explainer video production, the team at Skeleton can say with confidence that there are only three main players you need to consider when making an explainer video which we'll be giving you a bit of an overview of in this article.

Our opinion is based on three factors, each of which we see as vital in order to be one of the world's leading explainer video production agencies:

Understanding your needs

The best explainer video production companies take the time to get to know your brand's, and audience's, needs before making any recommendations about style and cost. Only once your needs are understood, can an explainer video production agency really have a clear idea as to how to achieve your goals. It's that simple. So if any agency doesn't really ask about what you want and need, this should ring alarm bells!

Explainer video agency Portfolio

A great explainer video production company will have a relevant and diverse portfolio of work to review. Not just one video, but lots of them. In an ideal world, they will have experience with the exact same type of video that you would like to produce, as well as experience in your sector too.

More than just production

It's a huge plus if an explainer video production agency provides a full-service offering: strategy, creative, production and marketing. A full-service agency ensures that your project is treated with a results focus, rather than one focused on just producing content that only looks pretty. As marketers, we are focused on delivering results, so it's incredibly valuable to work with a video production agency that has these results at the heart of what they do.

The Top 3 Explainer Video Production Agencies

1. Skeleton Productions

Top of the list is Skeleton. Obviously....;-) But what makes Skeleton special?

Experience & expertise

Skeleton is a UK based video company, specialising in explainer video production. When it comes to animation, Skeleton is experienced in the full content spectrum and styles. Skeleton's portfolio features explainer videos, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation and more - it's well worth a look! You'll find animations for world famous brands such as Amazon, Natwest and Airbus.

Not just production

Unlike other video content agencies, Skeleton's offering is broader than just production services. In addition to its explainer video production offering, Skeleton also develops content strategies for clients, as well as marketing services who need help reaching their audiences. This full-service offering enables clients to achieve much better results with their video content.

A thought leader

Skeleton is also a thought leader in the video production industry, regularly publishing best practice guides, whitepapers and free resources for marketers and communications professionals worldwide. Whether you are new to explainer video production or significantly more experienced, Skeleton can guide you through the production process and ensure your content is delivered at the cutting edge of what's possible.

If you're looking for a great explainer video company in the UK, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

2. Demo Duck



Demo Duck is an explainer video company who care about humanising brands, promoting products and providing education to customers.

They are also keen to help with the marketing strategy to ensure your video reaches the target audience.

They consider their key values to be transparency, ownership and bold thinking.

3. YumYumVideo


YumYum video creates explainer videos, among other types of content marketing. They want to help your brand stand out.

They work in a variety of different animation styles and offer custom videos, all made using their 3-step production process. They have worked on over 300 projects, and their goal is to make videos that 'taste good'.


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Written by Jess Percival

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