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25 October 2022

4 spooky video ads to celebrate Halloween 2022

A Zombie CEO, a murderous Martha Stewart, and a vegetarian vampire have arrived just in time for the spookiest holiday.

Ah, Halloween. The perfect excuse for businesses and brands to get a little playful with their audience. So, in honour of spooky season being upon us, here are some of 2022's most ghoulish video ads

1. This Is How We Work Now - Director’s Cut | Upwork

POV: your old boss died and has come back as a zombie to dispel the notion that your employees need to be full-timers. The old ways of working were made up by a bunch of dead guys, after all.

I've never thought a rotting corpse would make for a good way to advertise your business, but this ad is not only brave and funny as hell, it's also surprisingly true to the brand's core message. 

2. Liquid Death x Martha Stewart Candle Commercial

Known for making wildly creative, memorable, and outlandish ads to promote its products, canned water brand Liquid Death is never too afraid to take a risk.

They've even turned characteristically sweet-natured Martha Stewart into a sinister homicidal maniac. You can really get away with anything for Halloween.

3. TWIX Halloween | Spirits 

What's Halloween without chocolate? I think even in death I'll be partial to a pair of Twix. But which side are the spirits on — left or right?

Since 2012, Twix has delivered loads of ad campaigns focused on the war between the left and right sides of their chocolate bars. So this is a fun example of how you can creatively tweak an existing campaign for any holiday season. 

4. Vegetarian Vampire Recruitment Film - Heinz Tomato Blood

Definitely riffing off popular film & TV show 'What We Do in the Shadows', Heinz's documentary/interview style ad enlists the help of content creator and TikTok influencer E.J. Marcus to promote its annual Halloween-themed ketchup, “tomato blood.”

As well as the TikTok celeb cameo, this multi-channel campaign included a very relevant ad spot during AMC’s “Interview with the Vampire,” a partnership with America's Six Flags Amusement Park to offer branded menu items, and QR-code-scannable billboards.

Hmm, wild guess here. But I think they might be targeting Gen Z.

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Written by Emily Malone

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