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18 March 2019 Video inspiration

6 Brilliant Animated Corporate Video Examples

 When you think of corporate videos you’ve seen in the past, you might think of stuffy shots of the outside of an office building on a dreary day. Not the best picture really.

With the help of the right video production agency they can be bright and vibrant, and can even be enhanced with animation!


The power of animated corporate videos is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, or if your most knowledgeable member of staff is camera shy - everything can be done in animated marketing videos.


The applications of corporate videos are huge, and animation makes this list endless. You could work with an animation agency to create a company profile animation, to spice up financial results for your stakeholders or to shout about a new company initiative.


At Skeleton, we’ve put together a list of 6 brilliant animated marketing videos which might help you rethink what you know about corporate videos.

1. Asana


Asana needed to promote their project planning app in a way which was as bright and colourful as their interface.

When it comes to marketing software, the best animated corporate videos will embody the design of the app, as well as the message they want to convey.

They opted to use characters and animated locations to show how the app works without using a screen record approach. (Great for tutorials, not so much to promote your app!)

By creating animated corporate videos,  Asana got the chance to demonstrate the benefits of using their app in an innovative way, rather than just explaining the app step by step, feature by feature.

2. Europa Road


Europa wanted to use animation to show the effectiveness of their road logistics, compared with other providers.

Using animation offered a comparison between a disorganised logistics company and Europa’s organisation, without having to film another company, avoiding bad blood between companies!

This meant their animated corporate videos could instead visualise what an unorganised company would look like, and then directly compare it with Europa’s service in an understandable way.

Animated marketing videos really excel in situations where what you want to share with your audience can’t be filmed in live-action.

3. Slideworx


Slideworx wanted to show off their business and inspire new recruits with a company profile animation. Their product is a web data reporting and visualization system for organizations, which, to the ordinary person could be considered something you didn’t know existed, let alone something that could benefit your business.

To explain this complicated product, and how it can make an impact in an office, Slideworx opted to work with an animation design studio to get their message across in an easy to understand way.

The animation of the staff members, office and app are seamless, leading you through not only the system but also the offices and career opportunities in an easy to follow way.

This corporate video breaks the boundaries of live-action by animating the impossible - giant versions of their systems, moving platforms to show teamwork, and graphics showing the team interacting with the system on a physical level, not just digital.

4. The European Investment Bank - SME Finance Animation


The European Investment Bank commissioned animated corporate videos to promote their finance options for small businesses. The animation is brilliant because it shows the range of businesses who could benefit from the service.

The video also follows the story of the character from beginning to end, which is relatable for those watching you might have started their own business, or are thinking about it. The best animated corporate videos connect well with their audience. 

The use of animation assists in explaining the process of applying for a loan through the European Investment Bank, by simplifying the concept and making it easy for anyone to access.

5. American Express


American Express is a well-known name around the world, so it’s natural they would want to find an innovative way to promote a new product to other businesses, which stands out from their previous corporate communications.

American Express worked with a 3D animation agency in order to create dynamic animated corporate videos.

The business cards themselves change and morph to relate to a variety of businesses who may be thinking of getting a credit card to help them with a variety of purchases.

By incorporating the cards into the animation, it’s instantly recognisable that this is a video about credit cards, but the playful inclusion of what looks like toy diggers and offices is really what sets this video apart.

Along with excellent sound design, the video as a whole is very satisfying and enjoyable to watch. We definitely found this to be a, ‘Have you seen this? You haven’t!? Watch it right now!’ kind of video in our office.

6. Merck


Lead capturing tools can be difficult to explain - there's a lot of functions and advantages, and many companies may not know what a lead capturing tool is, let alone know they are out there. Merck needed to ensure their iCapture tool was promoted in a way that any potential customer could understand.

The use of animation means the common problems encountered when obtaining leads can all be visualised in a way which is easy to follow, such as using shapes to show different ‘types’ of leads, rather than using an overwhelming amount of text.

What makes this animation brilliant is that it identifies issues businesses may face when it comes to leads, and then demonstrate the solution in an easy to understand way.


In summary, animated corporate videos can be used for a huge range of corporate needs and the possibilities are endless! Utilising animation means that there are no limits, and you can create something to show off all the parts of your business, even the ones which can't be seen!

At Skeleton, we have worked with a wide range of corporate clients who have needed animated videos for a variety of scenarios - and we have always delivered. If you want to know what we can do for you, please get in touch!

Written by Jess Percival

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