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8 December 2017 Video Worth Sharing

Building Excitement ft. Nike, Finlandia, CrowdStrike

Video is absolutely great at building excitement. These ads use a combination of sight, sound and storytelling to get us emotionally invested and amped up.

Feel the growing excitement from these ads in this week's Video Worth Sharing.Video is absolutely great at building excitement.

The combination of video, audio and storytelling all works to get us emotionally invested and amped up.

No other medium is quite as good at it, which is why we're celebrating the videos below for the way they grow feeling and drama into a big ball of excitement.

Keep scrolling to see our picks for this week's Video Worth Sharing, and leave a comment telling us which is your favourite!


Video Worth Sharing #43

Finlandia | Toasts

Finlandia prides itself on the purity of its Vodka. This clever little ad shows the origin and history that goes into every bottle so well that you can almost taste it. It's a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colour, sound and motion creating an atmopshere of class and luxury.



Nike | Air Max Day

To celebrate 30 years of their Air Max trainers, Nike created this psychadelic rush of an advert. Hundreds of live-action clips and animation styles combine into a joyous, exciting look at what this particular piece of footwear means to their customers (and beyond).



CrowdStrike | Fal.Con

CrowdStrike offer cybersecurity and threat intelligence services. This video was created for their Fal.Con conference but works equally well as a promotional piece explaining what they do and why it's so important. We love the building tempo and fluid style of animation.




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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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