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23 April 2019 Video learning

Professional Custom Explainer Videos VS Templates & Stock Animations

Different types of explainer video exist including customer explainer videos & animated explainer video templates. Find out which is best for you.

vs imageThese days, the use of explainer videos to communicate brand stories has become common-place among savvy marketers. This is down to their unique ability to communicate complex ideas, products and processes in a simple and effective way.

As their use has become more prevalent, a number of types of explainer video have arisen including customer explainer videos, stock footage and animated explainer video templates. Each of these has its place in a marketers tool kit.  

To help you understand which ones you should be using, we have broken down the main points of differentiation between these styles:

Professional Custom Explainer Videos

Professional custom explainer videos created by explainer video production companies such as Skeleton are explainers which are created specifically for your brand. They are tailored to fit your branding, messaging and story.



  • A customer explainer video is a unique creation, bespoke to your brand and audience
  • Lots of different styles possible. No limitations - only your imagination


  • Takes time to create
  • Cost

The quality of your explainer video is crucial - it might well be the first interaction a potential customer has with your business. As with any business, animated explainer video companies have different styles and methods, so it's about going with what is right for your brand.

Professional custom explainer videos are often of a higher quality in terms of animation or live filming, audio and music.

Custom videos help bring your brand to life through your colour palette and fonts. They tell your brand story in an effective way and are not limited to basic assets.

You get a completely unique animation which hasn't been used by others. The customisation allows your explainer video to reflect your brand so that your audience can recognise instantly who the video is connected to.

Your video will include brand assets, relatable scenarios, and characters which connect directly to your brand, and with your audience. In live-video production, you can include footage of your staff and workspace, creating a deeper connection between yourselves and your audience.

Custom explainer videos often use tailored voiceovers and the animation is edited to suit that voiceover. This helps communicate what is happening in the explainer and guides the viewer through the story.

The voiceover is an important part of any explainer video production - by using a voice, you can convey more information that if you were to just use text. It's also an additional way to connect with your audience and keep their attention.

Custom explainer videos can be accurately tailored to your target audience. This includes using characters who your audience can relate to, a voice over which appeals to them and music which is tailored to their interests. Your audience also influences the pacing and style of your video.

You could argue that your audience is the most important part of an explainer video, as that's who the video is for, after all.

Custom explainer videos take more time than Templates & Stock Animations, due to being built and tailored for your business from scratch.

This time includes getting to know your business and customers in and out, creating a custom explainer video production for your company, and ensuring everything is exactly how you want it.

Professional custom explainer videos are more expensive, but because of the reasons outlined above, you can understand why. There is an exceptional amount of time, skill and learning which goes into creating a custom explainer.

This results in an all-around excellent video, which has never been used before and is completely unique to your company. It's also important to consider the purpose of your explainer video, and how much potential revenue that might bring you.

Animated Explainer Video Templates and Stock Animation

Templates and stock animations are pre-made content for your explainers. These can be edited by your team in-house, or you can request basic changes from the original creator.



  • Off the shelf, so little creative thought needed
  • Very little time to create
  • Low cost


  • Not very flexible
  • Not bespoke to your brand or audience

Explainer video production templates can use high-quality content and animation, but it will often not flow as well as a custom explainer. The assets are ready to use by may not reflect your brand's colours, fonts or style.

These explainers may be able to include your brand colours and the occasional logo, but it may end up looking out of place. It may also be confusing for your audience if they have seen another brand use the same template - a risk with utilising popular templates.

Templates and stock animations may use a tailored voice over, but it might be difficult to edit the template to fit exactly. On occasion, a robotic voice-over may be used, which can be very off-putting for the viewer.

Templates may appeal to one audience, or try to appeal to everyone. This can be difficult if you need multiple videos for different audiences, you may have to find another template which could result in the style being inconsistent. If the explainer is trying to appeal to everyone, it may not impact your target audience in the way you want.

Stock Animations take less time because they are premade - meaning there is less room for your brand's personality and changes you want to make to the template. Because of this they are cheaper, but at what true cost? If your explainer video is sub-par, you may end up losing out on important business because your customers might believe your services are sub-par as well!


There are different reasons why Professional Custom Explainer Videos or Templates & Stock Animations might suit your could be related to time, cost, or audience. Whatever is most important to you when considering an explainer video for your brand, it's important to think about what will have the biggest and best impact overall. If this video is going to be a vital element to your company, it's not worth cutting corners.

At Skeleton, we pride ourselves on creating unique explainer videos for each of our customers. We care about getting to know your company, your audience, and making sure your video is something you can be proud of. If you want to find out more about how you can get your own, tailored explainer video, please get in touch.

Written by Jess Percival

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