24 March 2017 Video Worth Sharing

Eat, Drink, Do ft. Nike, McDonald's, Quorn

Nike push you past your limits in this week's Video Worth Sharing.Feeling hungry? Thirsty? Inspired?

Our picks for this week's Video Worth Sharing will make you feel all three.

Let us take you back to basics with these ads that get your taste buds tingling, start a conversation, and raise the stakes.

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Video Worth Sharing #11

Quorn | Spaghetti Bolognese

Are you hungry? Every so often it's good to remind ourselves just how effective solid simplicity can be. This ad is gorgeously shot and uses wonderful sound editing to bring the ambience of the kitchen to life. In just 20 short seconds it really makes you want some spag bol.

McDonald's | Hipster Coffee

Don't be afraid of alienating some viewers to draw in those who really matter: your target audience. That's what McDonald's does here. Poking fun at "hipster" cafes is a bold statement that reinforces the values their ideal customers already care about.

Nike | Unlimited You

Nike takes things to the extreme with another inspirational video about always pushing the limits. But rather than doing the same old thing as usual, this time they play on your expectations of what a Nike ad is. The effect is spectacular and utterly unforgettable.


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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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