Envision your video content with our sample projects [pricing guide]

All the planning is done, the video production brief has been written, and you know just what you want to achieve with your latest piece of video content. Now comes the really fun part - it's time to start imagining what your video will look like.


Coming up with creative approaches is a key part of the early production process, but it can be harder than it seems. If you get stuck, we recommend watching similar videos within a similar budget for inspiration and assistance in envisioning the kind of video content you want to produce.

And if you're producing your video content externally, you can develop the creative process with your video agency (hey, that could be us!). Scroll down for some examples of video projects we've worked on with clients to help inspire your own video content, and download our pricing guide for more along with guide prices.

Stihl - Brand film

Stihl is a power equipment company who wanted a promotional film to raise awareness of their brand. We created an emotive brand film to highlight a job that depends on the absolute relability of their products.

UCB - Case study video

The European Investment Bank asked us to produce a series of case study videos based on successful businesses in Europe. Our video about UCB uses interviews and extensive B-roll to tell a visually engaging story about the biopharmaceutical company.

BWB - Recruitment video

BWB, an engineering and environmental consultancy, was looking for a recruitment video to help hire talented new consultants. We visited their headquarters to film interviews as well as footage of the building and employees, and created a well-rounded recruitment video for use on their website.

For more examples of video projects and their prices, download our pricing guide. Inside you'll find inspiration for your own internal or external video content, guideline pricing for video projects we've worked on with clients, and more information on all the video services we offer.

Download our Pricing Guide (featuring sample projects)