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22 June 2017 Video Worth Sharing

Finishing Touches ft. Olay, Virgin Trains, Slack

Big ideas are important. But sometimes the little touches can add up to become what makes something just work. These ads all focus on the little things.

Learn the power of those little finishing touches in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Big ideas are important. Without them, no great content would ever get made. But sometimes the little touches can add up to become what makes something just work.

In this week's Video Worth Sharing we're celebrating videos that have some wonderful finishing touches, whether that's a clean style, excellent editing or some standout supporting graphics.

Pay attention to the core concepts behind your video content, but always remember that the devil's in the detail.


Video Worth Sharing #22

Slack | Communication Without Chaos

Cool, calm, and collected. This animation is the antithesis of everything Slack hates, confusion and chaos. It oozes the simple, clean communication that their tool offers, and in doing so, it gets across exactly why you'd want to use it.



Virgin Trains | Train vs Car

It's tricky to get a laugh in just 30 seconds. This ad toys with the captivating power of hyperbole to put a smile on the faces of viewers. Flawless editing, colour grading and sound design makes this one of those videos that sticks with you.



Olay | Is it Genes or the Jar?

Sometimes all you need is some supporting graphics to turn an average video into a standout one. Here Olay take an interview of a scientist explaining her research, and use a wonderful selection of graphics to bring simplicity and punch to the findings.




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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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