Health and Safety Video Production - Why Bother?

Communicating your company’s procedures through a training video keeps your employees watching, interested and, most important of all, safe.


Skeleton specialises in training video production. We produce health and safety videos for a range of clients. In our experience, the top 8 reasons why clients commission a health and safety video are as follows:

1. They demonstrate effectively

Health and safety videos can safely and realistically demonstrate falls, fires and other preventable workplace accidents. This also allows your employees to spot the actions that should have been taken to prevent it happening. Demonstrations on how to use a fire extinguisher for example are much easier to do through the use of a health and safety video than through images or text alone.

2. They're engaging

Listening to a speaker, reading a manual, or watching a presentation aren’t the most interesting ways to learn about the importance of health and safety in your workplace. Video however, with its use of visual imagery and sound, is much more engaging.

3. They can be interactive

An interactive health and safety video is a great way to get your employees involved. The more involvement a person has in their learning, the more information they actually take in, so an interactive video will enhance their understanding of your company’s regulations.

4. They are flexible

Your health and safety video can be watched anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. That's much simpler than trying to book a speaker for your night shift workers or talking to every contractor you hire in.

5. They can be expanded on

Your health and safety training doesn’t have to end when your video does. Introducing an informal discussion to talk about what was said in the video and to clarify any grey areas will help both you and your employees get the most out of your video.

6. They can promote your campaign

Trying to raise awareness of a particular area of health and safety? Need to enhance your campaign? Creating a video will allow you to reach out and inform all areas of your company about it.

7. They add to the learning experience

We remember 50% of what we see and hear, and only 10% of what we read. That's why using a health and safety video instead of a manual will make your training much more effective, as well as more entertaining. If you use your video alongside a talk from your health and safety officer or a paper booklet, you can appeal to everyone’s learning methods.

8. They save time

A health and safety talk taking 45 minutes of your time can be cut down to as little as a 15 minute video!

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