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IKEA and the Importance of Audience Engagement in Video Content

Audience engagement is the first step to achieving your video goals. We analyse an IKEA video for ways to do it right.

Engaging the audience in the first few seconds of video has never been more vital for ensuring the success of a video campaign. Research shows that our attention span is now less than that of a goldfish, and it's only going to get shorter.

Ikea spins a family around in this fun video ad.

So how can you ensure that you engage your audience from the start?

Well, one success story is IKEA and their Revolving Designs video. You know, the one with the rotating kitchen. It's one that you may well have seen and remember, but what made it so memorable and engaging?

Watch the video below and then follow up by reading through our analysis of its success, and how you can use some of these techniques in your own videos to help achieve maximum audience engagement.

1. A Pace Suited to the Audience

All good videos should appeal to the target audience of the brand. Therefore, all video content decisions should be made while keeping audience engagement in mind. Matching the pace of the video to suit the audience is a great way to achieve this goal.

And it's something IKEA has successfully accomplished in this video.

One of IKEA's main target audiences is families with children. This is a broad market which they target globally, and with over 300 stores operating in 41 countries, its no surprise that IKEA has ample opportunity to appeal to families the world over.

Families, especially those with children, typically have the busiest and most hectic daily routines.

The pace of the Revolving Designs video is quick, reflecting the fast-moving lifestyles that the families in IKEA's target audience lead. This engages the audience from the start, because they identify with and relate to the characters in the video as they spin through their endless cycle of daily tasks.

However, the video is only a minute long, another factor which will encourage the audience to stay engaged for its entirety. After all, we've already established that the target audience for this video are probably busy and pre-occupied by other things happening in their lives.

IKEA's target audience for this video content are constantly on the go, so it's vital that the company grabs their full attention for the short time they're watching this video.

2. Relatable Content

IKEA managed to create a video which is highly relatable for their target audience, something so important when you're aiming to convince your audience to invite your product or service into their lives.

In the video a portrayal of a typical family in the kitchen is created. The scene is busy with characters constantly moving around and each individual in the video becomes a stock character representative of members in a classic family. From mum rushing home with the shopping to dad cooking dinner and an unsociable teenager on his phone, there is a someone to represent everyone in the typical family.

Alongside this, the overall message that IKEA presents in the video is the idea of unity and bringing everyone together. This is revealed to the audience at the end of the video when the family gather to sit all together around the table. 

This gives the audience a means of emotional connection with the brand. The next time they sit down to eat dinner at a table with their family, they may well be reminded of IKEA.

As a result, IKEA have achieved increased awareness of their brand and a greater connection with their target audience. Their campaign message has successfully stuck with viewers through high audience engagement.

3. Positive Emotions

Bright colours, happy characters and a positive closing message  IKEA have the complete package to ensure their target audience feel positively about their brand.

It has been proven that videos with positive emotions which make us feel happy receive up to 40% more shares than negative videos. So, like IKEA's video, we are more likely to watch, enjoy and share videos if they make us feel positive.

And it is evident on YouTube alone, where over 1.5 million people have watched the Revolving Designs video, despite it being unlisted. That just goes to show you the power of sharing.


In order to keep your audience fully engaged, keep your video short and sweet with a pace that they prefer. Aim to grab their attention during the first few seconds, and keep them watching with relatable content and positive emotions. From there you're more likely to retain audience engagement, and achieve your goals for video.


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Written by Jenni Brown

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