GE, Bissell, Toyota

This week's installment of Video Worth Sharing has some epic selections. For those of you new to the program, this is our way of appreciating some of the most innovative videos the web has to offer. Let's crack on.


GE | Ideas Are Scary

GE makes us smirk with this tiny, cute ad that doesn’t promote a product but the brand’s innovative spirit. Tonally it is very light hearted and youthful, which seems to be focused towards people who are in the market for their first big appliance. It is beautifully shot and poignantly nudges at our inner dreamer, not to let ourselves be tied down by convention. Rather, nurturing those wacky thoughts because they can change the world.

Bissell | Symphony Subway 

Short and simple. Bissell's newest video is ultra low budget but at the same time is incredibly captivating. It looks like it could have been a spur of the moment idea or the product of an unfortunate dare, but it actually turned out to be a testament to the product's impressive capabilities. Instead of a street performer or a dog eating food off the ground, having an executive do it gives the product so much more credibility. This ad goes to show that glitz and glamour may be nice, but if an idea isn't original, your campaign doesn't stand a chance.

Toyota | Like Never Seen Before

Sometimes we forget how much work goes into making these elaborate car ads. Toyota pulls out all the bells and whistles to show how complex commercial production actually is and how many tools they have at their disposal. Although we have never attached a camera to a parachute or made a dolly roller coaster, this ad shows how if there is a will there is a way. With new techniques and equipment being produced constantly, everyone can create a visual style unique to your brand, it just takes some ingenuity.


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