29 March 2018 Video Worth Sharing

Live in the Moment ft. Artlist, Mills Kaviar, Glico

Feel free to live in the moment in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

To truly enjoy our lives, we have to learn to live in the moment.

Never mind thinking about tomorrow — sometimes the best things come from just enjoying what we have right now.

Some adverts do a great job of bringing us back to the present and reminding us that life is short, sweet and precious.

We have three ads lined up for you below that do just that.


Video Worth Sharing #54

Artlist | Tell Your Story With Artlist

Great music can take you out of yourself. Artlist provides royalty free music that promises to transport you somewhere entirely new. This message is beautifully conveyed by the simple story of a filmmaker searching for just the right track — and going on a journey along the way.

Mills Kaviar | About the Taste

Mills Kaviar is a household name in Norway, a sandwich topper made from premium cod roe. This ad relishes in the fishing traditions behind the taste. Mirrored shots of three different fishing crews focus on the stunning landscapes, harsh conditions and determination that makes it all possible.

Glico | 71.8 Second Life

The average female life worldwide lasts nearly 72 years. Glico, Japanese maker of many different kinds of confectionery, imagines what that would look like compressed into 72 seconds. Watch as 72 actresses portray a single woman over the course of a life (while eating their snacks, of course).


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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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