27 July 2017 Video Worth Sharing

Making Work Magical ft. Husqvarna, Cents, FiftyThree

We all have work to do. Even when you enjoy it, sadly it can't be fun all the time. But these three videos all bring a touch of wonder to the world of work.

Discover the wonder of work in this week's Video Worth Sharing.We all have work to do, whether it's bringing home the bacon or mowing the lawn. And even when you enjoy your job, sadly work can't be fun all the time.

Video is an incredible tool to remind us about the simple pleasures we can find all around us. These three examples all bring a touch of wonder to the world of work, whatever it may be.

Come with us in this week's Video Worth Sharing as we explore the fun side of earning your living.


Video Worth Sharing #25

FiftyThree | Put it on Paper

When an idea strikes you, what do you do? FiftyThree create apps to help make notes like you've never seen — simple, quick and flexible. This product video paints a picture of just what your life might be like if you never let an idea slip away again.

Husqvarna | This is My Office

Being a tree surgeon might not sound like the most glamorous job. But there's majesty to be found in connecting with nature, pushing your limits and doing a hard day's work. Husqvarna, makers of outdoor gardening tools, celebrate the ones who do.

Cents | Introducing Cents

If only paying off your debts was easier. Well, now it can be, thanks to a smart new app called Cents. This smooth explainer animation shows just how the little things can add up to a world of difference — a world where you're relaxing on a beach somewhere.


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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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