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10 August 2017 Video Worth Sharing

On Distant Shores ft. Virgin Mobile, Du, Taco Bell

Today excellent branded videos are a global enterprise with thousands of players. This week we feature video ads from creative agencies around the world.

Take a trip to somewhere new in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Sure, we Brits make great adverts, but we're not the only ones getting in on the game. Today excellent branded videos are a global enterprise with thousands of players.

This week we feature videos from creative agencies around the world. The brands may be familiar, but you won't have seen these ads on your telly at home.

Join us for Video Worth Sharing, international edition.


Video Worth Sharing #27

Du | Too Complicated

We've all seen a movie we just didn't get, no matter how hard we tried. Du, the Dubai-based telecoms company, created a brilliant series of ads to poke fun at some of the more humorous elements of cinema. This one is spot-on absurdity.



Virgin Mobile | The Fantastic Tale of Young Branson

This Virgin Mobile ad was created and aired in the USA. It's a quirky and fun look at how Richard Branson might have grown up (well, through the eyes of an American). A great example of how a strong brand can celebrate its founder while maintaining its own identity.



Taco Bell | Better Together

Had enough of "sob story" style branded content? So has Taco Bell. A Canadian ad agency created this dramatic narrative as a send-up of the current sentimental trend running through many ads. There won't be a wet eye in the house.




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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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