27 May 2020 Video tips

The Power of Targeted TV Advertising [Webinar]

Our latest webinar on The Power of Targeted TV Advertising is now available on-demand here on our blog! If you missed it first time round, check out the post below for a run down on what to expect...


Skeleton AdSmart Webinar (Follow Up Blog)

TV adverts have been a staple of ad campaigns since the first once aired in the UK in 1955 advertising toothpaste. But has TV become a tool for only the biggest spending businesses? Well, you might be pleasantly surprised to know you can advertise on TV for the price of a millennial’s average outlay on avocado using Adsmart from Sky. 


In the on-demand webinar below our MD, Jonathan English, is joined by Benjamin Langford, Sales Manager at AdSmart from Sky, as they discuss the power of TV advertising without blowing your budget. 

Watch the webinar below to see them talk through:

  • The power of video in advertising campaigns and the importance of creating thoughtful content that works across multiple platforms
  • How to continue creating content during Covid-19 - how motion content can step up and replace live action in your approach
  • The opportunities for TV advertising with AdSmart from Sky and how you can create hyper-targeted, cost-effective campaigns that deliver




Useful Resources:

We mentioned a few handy resources in the blog and you can find a few links to those below:


Video Briefing Template

Video Content Marketing Strategy Playbook


If you're looking to chat through potential video strategies for your business right now please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our office lines are still open on 0845 003 7720 or drop Jonathan an email directly here


Jonathan English

Written by Jonathan English

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