19 April 2018 Video Worth Sharing

Ready for Your Close-Up ft. Microsoft, Nike, SeeAmerica

Often our audience don't really care about the big picture. They want their specific questions answered. These video ads do a great job of focusing on the little things.

Get ready for your close up in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

In marketing we're often used to looking at the big picture.

Why would you want to use our product or service? How are we going to change your life? What's our biggest impact on the world?

But often our audience don't really care about the big picture.

They want their specific questions answered. Like:

Will this shoe let my skin breathe? Will this medical advancement improve my health? Will this tool work for me and my team?

One of the most powerful things we can do with video marketing is to focus on the little things, one at a time. So let's look at three picks this week that do this really well.


Video Worth Sharing #56

Nike | Flyknit

A trainer might not seem all that remarkable, but in this mesmerising animation Nike get up close and personal with the shapes, fabrics and textures of their new Flyknit range. Sometimes you need to zoom in on the particulars to make your product seem special.

Microsoft | SharePoint Webhooks

SharePoint is software for team collaboration, and as part of that Webhooks updates other platforms when things happen in SharePoint. Microsoft have created a series of simple videos explaining different aspects of SharePoint that are perfect for new users.

SeeAmerica | Stand in the Way of Darkness

Losing your sight is a terrifying prospect for most of us. This video makes that fear visceral and real through intimate footage with supporting graphics, while also presenting a solution. Pitch-perfect casting and a message that hits you like a ton of bricks.


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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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