19 May 2017 Video Worth Sharing

Speeding Away ft. Dropbox, UNISON, Wikitribune

Ever feel like life is just getting faster and faster? Our picks for this week's Video Worth Sharing all embrace speed — with quick edits and snappy remarks.

Claire Sweeney and a care worker star in a powerful ad in this week's Video Worth Sharing.Ever feel like life is just getting faster and faster?

It seems an unavoidable truth of the modern world. And while it can be overwhelming, it also brings excitement and energy.

Our picks for this week's Video Worth Sharing all embrace speed — with quick edits, vibrant animation, and snappy remarks.

Take a look below at how fast-paced video can bring a frenzy of feeling to almost any topic. Just remember to relax afterwards.


Video Worth Sharing #17

UNISON | 15 Minute Care Makeover

Brace yourself for some biting social satire. Take Claire Sweeney in her famous role as presenter of 60 Minute Makeover, add all the duties care workers must perform at break-neck speed, and you get this painfully powerful video.

Dropbox | What is Dropbox?

A fluid, lively animation is a beautiful thing. This one works because it goes far beyond what Dropbox just does — rather, it explores what it means for customers. In other words, it focuses on benefits like safety, security and simplicity rather than specific (boring) features.

Wikitribune | The News is Broken

Wikipedia is launching a news platform, and they've created a video to spread the word. Here Jimmy Wales, founder, explains the philosophy behind the idea. We particularly enjoyed the supporting graphics used to spice up what could otherwise be fairly dull footage.


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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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