16 June 2017 Video Worth Sharing

The Thrill of the Ordinary ft. Lego, Weight Watchers, Costa Del Mar

Feel the thrill of the ordinary in this week's Video Worth Sharing.Going to work. Doing the washing. Picking up the shopping. Our everyday lives aren't exactly full of excitement.

But when we pay close attention, the ordinary may hold more beauty than we first thought. A simple activity can become something otherworldly, thrilling and special.

It's a common theme in advertising — and one that all of these videos indulge in.

Dive into this week's Video Worth Sharing, where we explore the thrill of the ordinary.


Video Worth Sharing #21

Weight Watchers | Awaken Your Incredible

Why do people diet? To become a better, healthier, happier version of themselves. This ad taps into deep emotions to encourage a positive and empowering sense of self, rather than reducing the services Weight Watchers offer to mere calorie counting.

Costa Del Mar | Fix Florida

Here's an animation that took our breath away. Its shifting colours and constant motion tell a powerful story of the struggle between man and nature. There are so many little details to look out for — it's a beautiful piece of video storytelling that just gets better with multiple viewings.

Lego | Let's Build

Lego have always been great at talking about the true benefit of their products — creativity, imagination, friendship. Here an adorable father and son team show what the little bricks are really all about. It's heartwarming, wholesome stuff.


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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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