8 February 2018 Video Worth Sharing

Truly Audacious ft. Tide, Samsung, Farm Biodiversity

Take some exciting new risks with this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Taking a risk is always a bit scary.

Sweaty palms, thudding heart, a voice in your head telling you to stop. These all need to be overcome if you want to do something risky, exciting and new.

But without risks, you're just doing the same thing over and over. There's no room to innovate or grow.

The videos we've lined up for you below all took risks — and they paid off big time. Which just goes to show that forever playing it safe is sometimes the riskiest position of all.

Let's take a look.


Video Worth Sharing #50

Tide | It's a Tide Ad

Crowned the winning campaign of this year's Super Bowl, these ads from detergent brand Tide are a playful poke at all the advertising we've become so accustomed to. Starring David Harbour of Stranger Things fame, they were spread out over several hours to keep viewers on their toes.

Samsung | One Pen, Infinite Possibilities

We forget how amazing it is to have a smartphone in our pocket, but this ad brings fun and innovation back to Samsung's S-pen stylus for their Galaxy Note. There are lots of clever cuts, physical effects and a real sense of the world being at your fingertips.

Farm Biodiversity | Better Farming

Farm Biodiversity is a project set up in Canada to encourage farmers to protect the plants and animals all around us while they grow the crops we eat. We love this laid-back animation for its sense of humour and a great script that makes a complex subject seem easy as pie.


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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham

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