A fish-headed man walking down a green Kubrick-esque corridor
7 September 2022 Video inspo

Video inspo: MADE embraces the weird

But what the hell is that fish head all about?


After acknowledging competition from other online furniture retailers eroding its market share, MADE has overhauled its minimalist and pastel brand to embrace the weird and wonderful, recapturing the "extraordinary energy" it initially launched with. 

This 30-second ad featuring a fish-headed man and a Stanley Kubrick-esque corridor is the first ad of this brand refresh. 

But what the hell is that fish head all about? According to their brand director, the fish is “a nod to the sense of curiosity” she wants her customers to feel exploring her products. “Fish heads are memorable, playful, and never 100% ordinary. I mean, no one predicted the fish-headed guy in the next MADE ad, did they?" [Source: Business News]

The beautifully fluid animations still capture that sense of sophistication and modern style they're known for, while the building sense of 'wait, where is this going?' keeps you interested until the final, bizarre fish head reveal.

It's bold, daring, and above all, very unexpected. And that makes for a really captivating and memorable ad. Looking forward to seeing where they take this next!

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Written by Emily Malone

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