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26 July 2022 Video inspo

Video inspo: NatWest's 'Tomorrow Begins Today'

Here's yet another ad we've seen recently that gives us some serious inspiration!�


Here's yet another ad we've seen recently that gives us some serious inspiration! 

First shown during Friday night's Love Island, Netwest's latest ad is a 'Carpe Diem'-style feast for the eyes that looks to encourage consumers to gain financial confidence, presenting Natwest as a helping hand that will guide them to reaching their goals.

With the upbeat soundtrack of Gwen Stefani's 'What you waiting for?' reflecting NatWest's message, this is an energetic 30-second ad that's full of swagger.

Never releasing its grasp on our attention, it shows us quick scene changes and fun edits, blending animation and live-action footage of folks thriving as they make confident financial decisions.


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Written by Emily Malone

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