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18 August 2022 Video inspo

Video Inspo: six-second ads that pack a punch

Here are 3 examples of 6-second videos that show your messaging doesn't have to suffer to keep your runtime short

Turns out, roughly 94% of pre-roll ads on YouTube are skipped shortly after the first five seconds. And even when skipping isn't an option, the average attention span is estimated to be just eight seconds long.

That doesn't seem to be enough time to grab your audience's attention in between their everyday scrolling/video watching.

The trick is to use those six seconds to brand your business and create an emotion. Because when you actually squeeze as much as you can out of each of those seconds, it's incredible how much you can get across.

Here are three examples that show your messaging doesn't have to suffer to keep your runtime short.

1. Leave with a Cannonballer - Airbnb

Streamlined message? Check! Family-based narrative that targets their intended audience? Check! Bright, bold colours? Check! Strong CTA? Check!

Who says you need longer than six seconds to tell a story? This teenie weenie ad certainly packs a punch. 

2. Lurpak Cook's Range

This mouthwatering, ASMR-style sizzler certainly captures our attention (and makes our bellies rumble), even without dialogue or voiceover.

3. Mercedes-Benz

Got a super fast car and only six seconds to show it off? It's as if Mercedes was made for these sorts of ad spots. 


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Written by Emily Malone

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