Suzuki Good Different - knitted car jumper
20 July 2022 Video inspo

Video inspo: Suzuki embraces being 'good different'

For this week's video inspo, we watched Suzuki's 'Good Different' campaign. Suzuki could have created another car ad featuring a cityscape or a winding mountain road, but this latest quirky ad positions them as a fun outlier.


According to the director, real 3D models of all of the sets were created to be shot in camera, the opening ‘S’ flap was created with the electronics of a toy truck, and the hand-knitted cardigan was really made for a life-size Suzuki Vitara. It's hard to believe they've packed all of that into just 30 seconds of film. 

It's bold, it's wildly creative, and it definitely makes Suzuki stand out from the crowd!


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Written by Emily Malone

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