OK GO, Netflix and Vauxhall

This week we share a great music video from OK GO and two awesome adverts by Netflix and Vauxhall.


OK GO | Music video

It is quite rare for Video Worth Sharing to pick a video that isn’t an advertisement or one that doesn't represent a company in some way. Most music videos are not worth your time, but trust us this one is pretty sweet. OK GO are known for having visually dynamic music videos but this one stood out because of the ingenious filming style. Kudos go out to the team that managed to capture aerial shots, fast-paced contraptions zooming all over the place, and insanely detailed choreography, all in one take mind you.

Netflix | Big Questions

With more and more VOD platforms emerging Netflix needs to prove why they stand out from the competition. If we didn’t already use/have an unhealthy relationship with Netflix we would totally get it after watching this ad. By marketing themselves as facilitators of successful social situations and family bonding, Netflix is saying they are more valuable than their competitors, who just offer a selection of films.

Corsa | 2015 TV Advert

This ad is pretty much a collection of quick shots of what the “cool kids” do and how the Corsa is integrated into their lives. It is incredibly youthful and energetic which speaks volumes to its core audience. When most car ads involve epic chase scenes and explosions it is nice to see the new Corsa representing itself with such a little funky flair.


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