Internal communications videos that drive real change. We make it happen. 

Bring teams together and boost productivity with internal communications video production.

New procedures putting your team to sleep? Updates being ignored? Company mission mocked rather than embraced?

Our internal communications videos help you bring energy and honesty to drab emails or lengthy presentations. Get information across in a way that your staff want to receive it. Connect global offices. Inspire emotion, thought and action.

We create internal comms video for businesses big and small:


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Our process for effective internal comms video

We aren’t just a supplier. No, we believe in forming collaborative partnerships that allow us to communicate your messages in the most engaging way. That means we take the time to understand you, your goals, and your team.

You collaborate with us on the brief

Set clear objectives
& define success

Research audience
& market

core messages

Develop creative
idea & story

& storyboard

Film, animate
& edit


We handle planning & production

No matter what you're communicating, we'll create a story that resonates with your audience. That speaks to the joint experiences and values of your people. That helps you become a happier, healthier, more productive team.


"Skeleton has become like an extended part of our team. We can call on them time and time again to deliver films that are relevant and engaging for our people." Richard Donovan , Head of Internal Communications & Corporate Responsibility , Experian


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Examples of our internal comms videos

Whether you’re updating your team on company policy or introducing your new CEO, we’re experts at using video to improve communication and drive action. See below for our latest work to help inspire your next video project.


Knowledge Sharing Videos

Through video, people can effectively share best practices and how-to tutorials. Sharing employee-generated content not only improves learning, but also boosts creativity, empowers and engages your team, and helps strengthen relationships.

New Starter Videos

Video content can be used to quickly and effectively welcome new staff to your organisation, put a face and a voice to the senior managment team and share culture, values, induction health and safety, etc.

Culture Change Videos

Culture change is exciting, but everybody needs to be on board for it to work. Whether you're rebranding, changing your organisational structure or adding new services, video is hugely effective at getting the whole team on the same page. Excite employees about the direction the company is going in, be honest about hurdles you might encounter, and inspire real change towards a shared goal.

Internal Events and Award Videos

Using video at your events can make for a better audience experience. Event capture can give people a summary of what happened. Streaming events brings many of the same advantages as video conferencing, helping to bring together teams working from different locations.

Awards videos allow you to capture the event forever, inspiring future winners and proving your commitment to your cause. And if not everyone on the team can make it, a video roundup gives them the chance to catch up with the highlights.

Fun Videos

Every so often you need to let your hair down and celebrate the good stuff. Maybe you've achieved something big. Maybe it's a seasonal time of year to be thankful and merry. Either way, fun internal videos are the ideal thing to brighten spirits and remind your whole team why they do what they do.

New Systems and Process Videos

Communicating change is just as important as the change itself. That's why, when introducing new systems or processes to your business, video can be vital to your success. Make sure everyone gets the memo through a simple, short piece to raise awareness of the change, or create a detailed video to teach employees about the new processes in a visually engaging way.


"Great service, quick turnaround and professional input. The team really understand our business and can turn our ideas into engaging creative content that fits with our brand and project objectives. Skeleton are a pleasure to work with and I regularly recommend them to others." Rachel Turner , Assistant Manager Colleague Engagement , Boots

Internal News Videos

Using video to make announcements and promote company initiatives makes organisations feel more personable. They’re a great way to unite people and encourage a sense of pride, as well as an effective way to communicate big company changes like mergers and rebrands.

Large companies stand to gain the most from using video in their internal communications. It lets you break down communication barriers with international team members and deliver consistent messages all over the globe, irrespective of time zones and even language barriers. And it has an intimate quality that allows even giant corporations to feel like one close-knit team. 


Inspirational Videos

Sometimes you just want to get people pumped up. That's what inspirational videos do. Paint a compelling picture of the future, or show everything you're achieved so far. These videos help to inspire your team to action through emotional, high-impact images, audio and script.