One of our biggest passions is measuring the success of videos, so we've looked at our past ‘Video Worth Sharing’ and put together our top 10 most successful videos so far. Drum roll please…


10. Barely Legal Pawn, feat. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul & Julia Louis-Dreyfus

This spoof of a pawn-broker based reality show depicts Julia Louis Dreyfus trying to sell her Emmy to Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. You don't need to be told that videos with recognisable people will get views, but what was most effective is that this ad’s branding took a backseat role to the narrative and clever dialogue. To ensure that your key messages are being relayed to the most amount of people, try to keep your videos concise.

9. Experience the power of the bookbook, Ikea

This ad is special because of the comical reimagination of tech-launch ads, but more so because of its ability to keep hold of its viewers throughout the duration. When you put out a video you want to keep your audience intrigued in your whole brand, not just your latest release, so consider a twist in presentation and a call to action which may spur your viewer into taking in another piece of content.

8. Rouge Louboutin - Starlight

This visually dynamic commercial for Louboutin Nail Polish was created by the iconic filmmaker David Lynch. According to our statistics this ad had a 91% engagement level, which means viewers were not looking at other screens or were scrolling through the page to see what else was on offer, they were just watching the video; entranced by it one might say.

7. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Alcohol adverts are notorious for their grandiose style and seemingly endless supply of beautiful actors and models. This ad is no different. The story-structure keeps viewers invested until the dance reveal and then we see the engagement dip as the ad slows down pace towards the end. Finishing your video on a high note will leave your audience impressed and energised, more likely engaged until the very end.

6. Skittles - Halloween Spider

Number 6 comes from our Halloween edition of Video Worth Sharing which features a talking spider that uses Skittles to lure 'trick-or-treaters' into his web. It is funny and the high quality CGI is commendable, so whether you are trying to sell a product or just introduce yourself in the marketplace - holidays and special events are the perfect reason to release a fun ad to generate a little bit more consumer attention.

5. Ikea Beds - Extended+

This Ikea advert shows a lady and her dog falling from the sky onto several elaborate beds. You never want to produce an inadequate piece of content but please don’t underestimate the small elements that could amp up your production value. If you have the means to hire a cinema-grade lens or do a colour correction pass, it could make a dramatic difference to  your content which will improve your audience’s engagement and represent your brand in a better light.

4. TGI Friday Lunch #Togethermas

The fourth most popular video is one of TGI Friday’s Christmas gems. It is really sweet, fast paced, and resonates with a young adult audience. This ad isn’t about TGI Friday’s menu or their service, it just shows the vibrant atmosphere and smiling patrons. This could be any restaurant in the world, all we know is that it looks like a fun place to spend an evening. Establishing a firm set of insights is essential to a successful video campaign - for example; think about buzzwords that describe how your audience will connect with your key messages. 

3. BMW M4 - Ultimate Racetrack

Number 3 is the most successful car advert in Video Worth Sharing history. It is for the BMW M4 which was taken for the ride of its life on a converted naval aircraft carrier. There are pristine shots of the car at full speed as well as ultra-slow motion testaments to its traction and versatility. So when developing your product video, bear in mind ways to demonstrate how your product works in the most interesting way possible.

2. Peanut Butter Cheerios presents #HowToDad 

And the runner up for Miss VWS goes to…#HowToDad. Cheerios released their new peanut butter flavoured cereal and developed this multiplatform campaign around what it takes to be an awesome Dad. It takes humour, compassion, and Peanut Butter Cheerios. This ad was shot with only a few strategic cuts, it is intricately planned, and the actor’s delivery is precise. This proves that great planning and the right actors can make a video worth sharing.

1. Junkface

And here it is, the moment you have been waiting for, the Video Worth Sharing ad with the most views, the highest engagement level, and the most diverse audience *drum roll please...*

This goofy ad was created to promote Neutrogena’s Face Wash but it also teaches us a lesson in individual video branding. A title like Junkface is hard to avoid and is targeted towards men and women of all ages and manages to stay sharp years after its release. The moral of this story is to keep it simple, have fun and get creative with your titles.

So there you have it, the top ten most successful ads from Video Worth Sharing, we hope you enjoyed them. 

We will be sending our regular top 10 roundups and would love to hear your thoughts on any top 10's you would be interested in seeing?

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