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The bottom line is that you want more customers. You want to improve conversion. 

Sales rest on logic and emotion. With the right balance of both useful information and authentic feeling, through the right medium, you can make sales conversations easier and more profitable. That's what our sales videos do.

We create sales video for ambitious businesses big and small:


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Our time-tested process for effective sales video

To sell you need to deliver the right messages in a way that resonates with your audience. That’s why we work in collaborative partnerships. So we can begin with research into you, your product or service, and who you want to influence.

You collaborate with us on the brief

Set clear objectives
& define success

Research audience
& market

core messages

Develop creative
idea & story

& storyboard

Film, animate
& edit


We handle planning & production

We get to the core of what your potential customers care most about. We use video content to show why you're the ideal solution to their problem. And communicate your core messages in the right way.


Stephanie Marris
"Our case study video is a piece of flagship content on our website. It's used by our sales team and in presentations. It's been a really useful. I can't out a value on it." Stephanie Marris , Marketing Manager , Experian Marketing Services


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Examples of our sales videos

No matter what you’re selling, we’re experts at using video to encourage fruitful conversations and close sales. Look below for some examples of our latest work to get the ideas flowing.


Business Overview Videos

When encouraging prospects to work with you, a business overview video can work wonders to explain what you do quickly and simply. Keep it to the basics, but give a good overview of the products and services you offer and what makes your business different. This is like your snappy elevator pitch, so you'll want to allow your brand identity to shine.

Brand Films

Your brand is the face of your business, which is why convincing potential customers about its magnificence is the first step towards a successful sale. This may well be the first experience your audience has of you. Make it count with a strong, unified, alluring brand film that represents all your company stands for. 

Customer Testimonial Videos

There’s a reason testimonials work. It’s one thing for you to enthuse about your own business, but something else entirely when someone else says it for you. It speaks volumes.

Prospective customers love listening to existing ones – just think about the huge rise of review sites like Trip Advisor. Save them the research and give them exactly what they want with a video testimonial.

Product Demonstration Videos

These are fabulous for showing off features and benefits. Don’t make them too long – 30 to 90 seconds is ideal. And don’t get into too much detail. Just focus on the high-level stuff – what the product or service does and why it’s so useful.


"My experience of Skeleton was first rate. They were efficient and responded quickly to my requests. The quality of the final product was very high and I'm looking forward to integrating my corporate video into my website." Simon Ling , Director , Inndie Ltd

Pitch Videos

People buy from people they trust, and having a video that explains who you are, what you do and show the people beyond the pitch team can go a long way to establish that relationship. Seeing a face and hearing a voice helps potential customers make a human connection with your brand and makes you feel much more approachable.

Point of Sale Videos

Point of sale videos can serve as that last push before purchase. This is where you can do any upselling and cross-selling you want, or just ease any final fears your almost-customers might have. You'll need to keep it short and to-the-point — not too overwhelming. The last thing you want is to distract your pospects too much right before they buy. 

Process videos

These can vary hugely depending on what you’re selling. If you’re offering consultancy, you might want to detail how you get to know your clients and the process you go through to help create the right solution. If you sell houses, you could show the process you go through to help match buyers with their dream home. In any case, the principle is the same. Show how you do what you do to get your customers the best end result.


Personalised videos

Show your viewer you value them as an individual, not just as one of a number of prospects. Think about sending a personalised video featuring text like their name, company name, email address or homepage, or even an image like their LinkedIn profile picture. It will show you care about details and go that bit further to help prospects picture working with you.