Get it out there, get it seen. Smart video distribution puts your content in front of the people who matter.

You could have the next viral hit on your hands, but if no one can find it it’s not going to achieve the reach it deserves.

And picking the wrong distribution channels won’t do you any favours either. Imagine your new branded web series on skincare ends up on a sports news website. At best you’ll get a lukewarm response, at worst you’ll alienate and annoy people.

It’s far, far better to make distribution feel natural, so that your video blends in with its surroundings and feels like an appropriate extension of the content your viewers are already interested in. Ultimately, you want to reach your target audience in the places they enjoy spending time, without interrupting their user experience. And that’s where knowing your audience is vital. 

Through our audience research, we know which sites, blogs, brands and social media platforms they engage with. It allows us to plan an integrated approach to distribution, meaning we can capture the largest and most targeted audience possible.


A lot rides on your video distribution strategy

Without good reach, your ROI will suffer too. If you did your homework at the beginning of the process, you’ll understand enough about your audience to know which websites they visit, which blogs they follow and which social media networks they prefer.

We like to break it down even further, taking an in-depth look at how the different persona types within your audience interact and make decisions, as well as their communication preferences. We use this understanding to create a targeted approach for each persona, looking at how they’ll come into contact with your content at various stages in the customer journey and how we’ll move them through the marketing funnel.

Here are our three basic rules for video distribution.

  1. Use your website
    An obvious one to start with, but there are some big advantages to hosting a video on your own website. It’s a great way to drive traffic and it’s much easier to get people to take a related action. That could be filling in an online form to find out more, following a link, instant social media sharing or even clicking on products within the video to see the details pop up on screen. The bottom line is you’re in control and users aren’t going to get distracted by someone else’s video or remarketing ads.
  2. Make the most of your existing channels
    Effective distribution starts at home. We make sure you give the video maximum exposure on the channels you already control. So as well as your website, that includes your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and email list. Seeding content in places where you’ve got established relationships helps you gain maximum exposure for minimum spend. We think about:
    • Social media followers: they’ll hopefully be the first to get on board, so we make sure you direct traffic towards your video from every channel you’re currently using. 
    • Industry forums and editorially managed sites: if you contribute to forums, now is an excellent time to submit an article your users will find relevant and useful. With a link to your video, of course.
    • Email: it’s a really personal way of getting in touch with contacts, customers and anyone who’s expressed an interest in your organisation. 
    • Online advertising: you might already use search engine marketing or remarketing ads to target customers. Can you piggyback onto those ads with a message about your video?
  3. Target influencers to access a wider audience
    Influencers are the leaders other people will follow. They can give you access to a larger, often highly relevant audience of people who may not otherwise have come across your brand. Think bloggers, forum managers, industry experts and even celebrities. Planting content in front of a few well-chosen people is known as content seeding. Sometimes it’s free, other times you’ll need to pay a fee to get others to pick up on your content. 

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