Engage, inspire and influence your audience. We produce videos that get results.

Video is hands down the best way to get people’s attention and get a message across – it’s immersive, instant and easy to connect with emotionally.

But producing video that actually changes attitudes or behaviours, compelling people to act, means going one better. It’s about understanding the way audiences think, strategically structuring content, and using creative techniques throughout the video production process. That's what we do.

Video production

Promotional videos

Show off your brand, products or services, engage audiences and drive sales.

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Video productionContent marketing videos

Make shareable videos that engage audiences and compel them to act.

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Video productionSales conversion videos

Sell the benefits of your product or service and turn leads into customers.

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Video productionInternal communications videos

Engage and inspire your teams and change company-wide behaviours.

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Video productionCorporate videos

Create interesting and engaging video that helps you achieve your marketing goals.

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Video productionTraining videos

Inspire and inform your teams and change company-wide behaviours.

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Our video productions vary according to campaign and budget, although they’ll usually follow the following framework:

  1. Storytelling: Audiences connect much better with video that has a clear narrative structure. Before we think too much about the creative execution of the idea, we think about the journey the video needs to take, from beginning to end.

  2. Creative ideas: Once research is done, it’s up to our creative team to decide the concept behind the content – the big idea that brings it all to life on screen. We use our insights into your audience, market and brand to reinforce your messages and positioning.
  3. Filming: Our producers create a compelling story and script, cast the talent, find the right locations and film the shoot using proven techniques and best equipment. 
  4. Editing (live action and/or animation): Then it’s over to our expert post-production team to pull your story and messages through. We love using our expertise in animation and motion graphics to illustrate complex ideas or liven up facts and figures. 


Richard Donovan ExperianSkeleton have become an extended part of our team. Time and time again we can call on them to deliver relevant films that engage our people. Their network of camera crews means they’re on hand to film anywhere we need, and I love that they’re always looking for new ways to get the best possible outcome.
Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications, Experian

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What makes us different?

We understand audiences

First, we get to know you. Then we research and profile your audience to understand what they want to watch and what will inspire them to act.

Power of persuasion

By understanding audience psychology, viewing context and the principles of persuasion, we can influence how people think and act*.


Through continuous testing and measuring, we know which conditions and variables work, when, and why. And we’re refining our knowledge all the time.

* We promise to only use these powers for good.

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