Video content marketing so good your audience seek it out themselves. That's what we do.

You can’t fight it. Video content marketing has become an unstoppable force in the past few years.

The revelation that marketing content can be engaging (and even entertaining) has led to the decline of what Seth Godin called ‘interruption marketing’. That is, marketing that works by interrupting you to get your attention. If you can’t put ads in front of people any more, you have to create content so brilliant they actually seek it out themselves. That’s where we come in.



Most marketing folk realise how valuable video content can be. But we notice that, often, they only use it to attract prospects right at the top of the marketing funnel. They’re missing a trick, as the best video strategy will guide customers through their journey and lead them right up to purchase. And beyond. 

So how do you tailor your online video content for each stage of the funnel? We’ll show you.


Our Clients

"Highly responsive and to the brief. Professional, friendly and precise team who fully executed the filming project in an extremely short timeline. Execution; on time and to budget." Peter Robertson , Marketing & Communications Director , ZEISS Vision Care

Top of funnel videos: broad appeal

At this stage, you’re casting the net wide and need videos on big topics to appeal to the masses. Always think about producing content that will help your viewers, rather than just pushing your products. Here are a few ideas we like:

How-to videos

They’re a great way to showcase your area of expertise. We recommend creating a library of how-to guides in a dedicated area of your site – providing a useful resource for visitors and an always-welcome boost to search engine rankings.

Webinar videos

If you run webinars, record them and break them down into easily digestible chunks so people can quickly find what they’re looking for.


Video interviews

Call in the influencers. Film talks with your CEO or other people leading the way in your industry. This kind of content is eminently shareable and means you can spread your message further using leaders’ social networks.

Fun videos

Last but by no means least. People buy from people, so give audiences a snapshot of what life’s like at your company. Show them why you do what you do and give them something to connect with.

At this stage, we like to optimise content with video calls to action. Persuade your viewers to linger a little longer by inviting them to watch another video or download a white paper. Or, if you want to coax them further down the funnel, point them to your website.

Mid funnel videos: in-depth content

By now, your viewers have made it to your website and they’re interested in what you’ve got to offer. 

At this stage people are working out whether you’re right for them. This calls for helpful in-depth or long-form content.

Product demonstrations videos

These are fabulous for showing off features and benefits. Don’t make them too long – 30 to 90 seconds is ideal. And don’t get into too much detail. Just focus on the high-level stuff – what the product or service does and why it’s so useful.

Client testimonials videos

Prospective customers love listening to existing ones – just think about the huge rise of review sites like Trip Advisor. Save them the research and give them exactly what they want with a video testimonial.

Case studies videos

Videos showing how your product or service fits with those your customers are already using them.

This is also the stage of the journey where you can start sending more personalised, targeted content. You know what they’ve viewed, so you can send content you know they’ll find useful. We recommend sending out a personalised video in an email, and then offering to set up a call or meeting. 

Bottom of funnel videos: persuading to act

Ready for the final push? Video content is brilliant at converting hot leads into fully fledged customers. And it doesn’t stop there. Post purchase, it’s all about maintaining the relationship and reassuring them that they’ve made an excellent choice. 

Lead nurturing videos

This means creating videos tied to a specific marketing campaign and releasing them at just the right time to nurture warm leads. Maybe you’re going to an event, and your target lead will be there too? Create a video to encourage them to come and say hello.


FAQ videos

If you’ve already made a great question-and-answer video, this might be a good opportunity to reuse it. If you’ve met or spoken to your potential customer, follow up with a link to the video. And, of course, invite them to get in touch for anything that’s not covered. 


Customer check-ins

Keep the contact going. If they’ve been using your product for a couple of weeks, check in to find out how it’s going.


Instructional videos

Are your new customers getting the best of your product or service? The first few weeks may bring up further questions, so we often recommend videos covering common issues and introducing your support staff. You want customers to know there’s an ongoing relationship there.

At this crucial stage the call to action is everything – use it to encourage sales, trials and meetings.