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We help businesses create compelling recruitment videos that inspire candidates, encapsulate your culture and drive job applications. Supercharge your recruitment with video today.

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Looking to grow your team?

HR professionals and business owners are facing some huge recruitment obstacles in 2022. From The Great Resignation to talent shortages, to employee retention, the recruitment world is a challenging place to be right now.  

Today, high-quality recruitment video content has become a powerful way to inspire potential candidates, encapsulate your culture, and drive job applications for brands.

The best recruitment videos let people peep behind the door and see what your business is really like.

Skeleton can help you plan, produce, and promote your recruitment video to help you reach the right people for your team. 

Why Skeleton?


recruitment video production

Content that cuts through

Rise above the clutter with flagship recruitment video content that engages your target audience, inspires action and makes an impact.


Reach more of your target audience

Content creation is just the beginning at Skeleton. We maximise your video content's reach throughout the buyer's journey with social edits, optimisation techniques and paid promotion.


A stress-free process

With over 15 years of experience creating recruitment vidoes for world-class brands, our process is simple, smooth and straightforward from day one. No worries.

recruitment video production

Recruitment video projects

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Taking action against racism

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Raising awareness for careers in HE

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Getting girls into higher education

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Energising potential power recruits

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Celebrating those who work for the NHS

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Award-winning recruitment video, concept to cut

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A Platinum Hermes award for Regional Foster Families

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A Platinum Hermes award for Europa Showfreight

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Want to know how the recruitment video process works?

Recruitment video production

Your goals and objectives

We start with results. By understanding your destination, we can use it as a guiding principle throughout the process.


Creative development

Our team takes the time to really think about your brief and develop strategic and creative ways of telling your story.


Creative Presentation

The excitement begins as we present our thoughts and ideas to you and your team for feedback.


Content creation

Our creative experts get to work, developing a compelling recruitment video advert based on a core idea that will really resonate with your target audience.



We make sure your content reaches your audience using intelligent combinations of owned, earned and paid distribution.


Analysis and reporting

Regular reports help you see how your recruitment video advertising is performing against KPIs like views, engagements, audience retention and more.



We're still not done. We continually fine-tune projects and learn lessons for future recruitment video production, using world-class analysis and reporting.

Recruitment video production

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Cloud content management platform, Box, came to us because they wanted to unleash the power of video to engage and inspire their customers. Here's how they got on.

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A creative and strategic relationship that's led to success for an industry-leading platform: "Skeleton get what we do."

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Video Briefing Template

The most effective video content & campaigns begin with a well written video brief. Our free template will help you to create your video brief quickly and easily.

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What are the benefits of a recruitment video?

Recruitment has never been harder. Simple job listings aren't going to cut it anymore.

Potential candidates now want to see what your culture is like, what it's like to work with you, and what you stand for. The best way to do this is through video.

With video, you can attract and engage more applicants, give them a feel for your company culture, and increase brand awareness. 

In fact, according to recruitment research conducted by Hire Rabbit, job listings accompanied by videos were shown to have been viewed 12% more than job listings without videos and received around 36% more follow-through applications.

What should I say in a recruitment video?

So what should a recruitment video include?

You'll want to include your brand's mission statement, value proposition, and business principles.

It's the perfect excuse for candidates to get a window into life at your business, so you'll want to showcase what it's like working at your company.

What journey might a candidate take when they apply for a job with you? What opportunities are there for them? What are the benefits? Who will they be working with? Why should they apply?

What makes a great recruitment video?

The best recruitment videos are really culture films, they allow people a window into life at your business. 

Successful recruitment videos focus on the people within your business. You're not selling the product or service your organisation provides, you’re selling the dream of working there.

You'll want to get your audience to imagine having a great time with their future colleagues in a social and cultural environment they could thrive in.

The most important thing to remember is who you're targeting. What might they find interesting, inspirational or entertaining?

The tone and content will depend on your company and its values, alongside the kind of person you're targeting. So you could make your recruiting video emotional, or perhaps you could pick a more funny route to go down. The first step is to analyse your target audience and dive into their core emotional drivers and values. 


How can video help with the recruitment process?

Today, high-quality recruitment video content has become a powerful way to inspire potential candidates, encapsulate your culture, and drive job applications for brands.

You've likely heard that video is the most popular advertising medium around. In fact, 93% of businesses use video and the average person watches around 16 hours online per week. 

But it's really all about what resonates with people that matters. And once again, the numbers say it all. A huge majority (85%) say that videos help them connect with brands.







How much does a recruitment video cost?

How much you'll spend is dependent on the skills needed, the type of production and the time involved to create it, but the investment for professional recruitment video production typically starts from £10,000. Request a quote and we can have a chat about what's possible with your budget.

What does a recruitment video production agency need from me?

You'll need to think about what you're trying to achieve and who you're targeting with your video. Because unless you're certain of your audience, you won't be able to tailor your video content to appeal directly to them. 

This will inform the length, style, visuals, script, voiceover artist, tone of voice and more, helping you create a video that truly speaks to them. 

But don't worry, if you've not done that strategic thinking yet, we can help you look at your objectives, goals and audience and support you on this journey.

Download our handy video brief template to start thinking about your audience and what you're trying to achieve.

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