Beauty in Complexity ft. Asana, Stash, Aesthetic Integration

Bask in the beauty of complexity in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Are complex things confusing, or elegant?

Are they mind-boggling or intricate?

In our day-to-day we often get annoyed by the complexity all around us — at work, on the road and especially when dealing with technology.

But when you look closely, you might also find something exquisite.

Complex systems and processes are a common theme in video marketing. The examples below all manage to make the complicated seem simple, without losing any of its essential beauty.


Video Worth Sharing #55

Stash | Smart Save

Saving is something we all want to do more of — but it can be hard to make the habit stick. Stash helps people do a better job of saving for emergencies, holidays or just the odd treat. The script in this shiny-looking explainer animation makes the whole thing seem intuitive and effortless.

Aesthetic Integration | Imandra

Imandra is an algorithm verifier for electronic financial markets. That sounds complicated, but thankfully this animation makes it simple with a series of excellent examples. We love the confident voiceover that guides you through a potentially baffling maze of information.

Asana | Timeline

We've all seen a "quick" project balloon into something much more overwhelming. The team management software Asana aims to manage the whole process, avoiding headaches and obstacles. Here a simple moving Gantt chart is used to show off the flexibility of their system.


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