Promotional videos that raise awareness of your brand, service or product. We make it happen.

Communicate your value and engage your audience with the power of promotional video production.

Are you struggling to get noticed in a sea of samey content? Do you need a more effective way to communicate your message?

Get your name out there. Make a splash. However you put it, our promotional videos stand you out from the competition and make your target audience pay attention. By engaging, rather than annoying.

We create promotional video for wonderful brands big and small:


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Our process for effective promotional video

We believe video should deliver results. That’s why we work in collaborative partnerships rather than settling for just being a supplier. We take the time to understand you, your goals, and who you want to reach and influence.

You collaborate with us on the brief

Set clear objectives
& define success

Research audience
& market

core messages

Develop creative
idea & story

& storyboard

Film, animate
& edit


We handle planning & production

We draw your target audience in with promotional video they find interesting and useful. That captivates, connects emotionally, then gets across your core messages. That compels them to take meaningful action.


Claire Brown
"Our video is a great positioning tool. It was a really engaging piece of content and clearly the audience really enjoyed it, with the amount of engagement we got through social media." Claire Brown , Head of Marketing , New College Nottingham


See how we helped Simply Supplements increase brand awareness & build trust

Examples of our promotional videos

Whether you want to be seen by the world or an intimate audience, we’re experts at using video to get your brand noticed. Take a look at our latest work below to get the ideas flowing.


YouTube Adverts

Your YouTube adverts need to grab people's attention immediately and hold on tight. Skip the boring details. This channel is perfect for making big, bold, memorable statements that are rooted in your audience's interests.

Company overview videos

This type of video is ideal for giving people at the top of the marketing funnel a first introduction to your business. They’re usually found on homepages and simply explain what you do and how it helps people – a bit like an elevator pitch. You can also use them to answer common search queries, giving your content an extra SEO boost. We recommend keeping them under two minutes and not cramming in too many messages – up to three key points is ideal. 

Trade show videos

So you've got a trade show (or similar event) coming up. Thought about video yet? It's the ideal way to grab your audience's eyeballs and get key information about your business, product or service into their brains. And we'll take advantage of supporting text and graphics to make sure your video works equally well with or without sound.

Product Videos

You need to raise awareness and adoption of your product or service. Here's why video is ideal: you can engage your audience with an interesting, honest, useful piece of content that also reaches them where they naturally spend their time. There's not much that can beat the reach and memorability of product videos. Just make sure not to drown the viewer in information, but give them enough to pique their interest.


With animation, the possibilities are endless. You don’t need to find a presenter, actors or a studio and you’ve got the freedom to be as creative as you like. There’s the opportunity to use strong branding through the use of a unique character or visual elements. The format lends itself perfectly to humour and storytelling, both of which help engage viewers. And the simplicity of animation makes it very good at explaining complex concepts that your audience might otherwise have trouble visualising.

Interview videos

Interviews are an effective way of getting information across without shoving it down your viewer’s throat. You’ll get some great content by asking open-ended questions that play into the interests and concerns of your audience. Create a bit of variety by speaking to a range of different people, from industry experts and members of your team to happy customers.

Point of Sale Videos 

The point of sale is an ideal place to give your customers a parting message. That might be a reminder of some of the best products and services you offer (cross-selling) or just a reminder of how lovely you are (a simple brand video). Whatever you decide, don't make the video too involved. Your customers are busy about to give you money!

Recruitment Videos

When you're encouraging amazing new people to join your merry band, you want to give a real feel of what it's like to work for you. That's why recruitment videos need to be big on heart, truthfulness and personality. This is the time to not only stress your awesome points but also own what makes you unique.

Location Videos

If you have beautiful offices or grounds to show off, there's no better way than video. Whether you're giving a tour of your factory or showing potential customers your hotel rooms, those sweeping wide shots and detailed close-ups really help to sell the experience to prospects. Location videos are an ideal way to add authenticity to what you offer.

Anniversary Videos

Anniversaries happen. They tend to be annual things. But some anniversaries are bigger than others and deserve anniversary videos just to celebrate them. With one of these videos you can honour the many years of hard work that got your business to where it is today, and the people who made it possible. Plus it's a superb way to generate awareness of and interest in your company.


Steve Atkins
"We were really impressed by Skeleton’s slick handling of our 50th anniversary film, with minimum disruption within our offices and a final result of which we're all extremely proud." Steve Atkin , Marketing & Digital Media Manager , Derwent Living

How-to Videos 

How to videos don't just teach your audience how to use your product or service — they also convince potential customers how useful it is. After all, there's nothing like seeing something in action to alleviate any final fears you may have and help you to envision using it in your own life. To be genuinely useful these videos need to be simple, clear, and detailed.


"Highly responsive and to the brief. Professional, friendly and precise team who fully executed the filming project in an extremely short timeline. Execution; on time and to budget." Peter Robertson , Marketing & Communications Director , ZEISS Vision Care

Culture videos

This is all about the people in your business. It connects with your audience by breaking away from corporate stereotypes and showing you for the nice, hardworking, relatable bunch of people you are. As long as you make it authentic, and don’t try to fake a culture that simply doesn’t exist, it will go a long way to helping your brand feel warmer and more approachable. It will help potential customers (and employees) feel like they know you a lot better.