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A yellow rubber duck moves through a tunnel of light. Abstract and colourful shapes surround it.
25 January 2023 Video inspo

Video inspo: GitHub gets playful while explaining their platform

Some serious SAAS explainer video goals from GitHub, here.

This explainer video for development platform, GitHub,  plays with different video styles to represent the ways it helps companies build, scale, and ship secure software.

The result? What could be a very complicated concept to wrap your head around is beautifully transformed into an educational and visually-stimulating story.

Take the way they've explained branches as alternate timelines, for example. They've transformed something that many might take for granted and presented it in a new and exciting way. Plus they've thrown Phil Wang's weird humour in there too, just for good measure. 

At 2 minutes 42, the video is a little long, but you can see how it could be broken down into smaller, bite-sized segments that quickly explain the different uses for social media.

It's engaging, entertaining, tells you exactly what the product is, and is, frankly, an utter feast for the eyes. Kudos to the animators that worked on this, it really is stunning!


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Written by Emily Malone

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